Saturday, March 31, 2012

Dealing With The Cheap Mailboxes in Our Neighborhood

I wish our neighborhood mailboxes were just like the apartment mailboxes we had when we lived in an apartment. The mailman continues to slam our mailbox door and it no longer wants to shut correctly. We moved into a new community and they did whatever it took to save money. This includes the mailboxes and everything else to do with the house. I know we will eventually have to change our mailbox because of its cheap design.

At out apartment we had nice commercial mailboxes. They were set up in one place and each person went to that particular place to collect their mail. The mailboxes were made better and they looked like they would last a lifetime. A good commercial mailbox is much better than the mailboxes they set us up with in our new neighborhood. It is a shame the builder was so cheap.

What makes matters worse is we have to pay a monthly fee and the community does absolutely nothing to keep the neighborhood looking good. If you have anything out of place, they complain and warn you immediately. Half the time, the neighborhood lights do not even work. It is a shame they didn't at least set up cluster mailboxes to make our neighborhood look neater and more organized. I guess we should have thought about this before we decided to move in.

Obamacare Makes a Large Government Larger

The Supreme Court heard arguments about Obamacare this week. They say nearly seventy percent of Americans are against Obamacare. I am one of those Americans. These are some of the reasons I don't like Obamacare.

Obamacare is government healthcare and President Obama is trying to force all Americans to use Obamacare. Many of us don't think the government should make all of our decisions for us.

My health insurance bills have already increased because of Obamacare

We all believe there needs to be some sort of changes in healthcare, but the government never makes anything cheaper or better

President Obama is becoming more and more socialistic as the days go by and his Obamacare is just another way of making our government bigger

We already have a huge deficit, why make it bigger with this huge government program

We already wait in enough lines for everything else we do. Who wants to wait months to get that important operation

Many people wonder if we will just let older people in our society die to save money with Obamacare. I am totally against this type of thought.

How can we be positive about a program that we could not look at before they voted for it.

Under Obamacare, docotors cannot make the right decisions for their patients

Good doctors are quitting every day because of Obamacare

Obamacare changes our relationship with our government

Obamacare is Federal control of doctors

I hope the Supreme Court votes against Obamacare. I am not excited about our government and the way they spend money. I don't think our government does a good job with the IRS or our public schools. They would not do a good job with government healthcare. This program is another step in the wrong direction. I believe everybody should have the chance to get healthcare, but not have it forced on them by our government. If Obamacare is passed through the Supreme Court, what will they force down our throats next?

Yard Sale Hopping

We went to a bunch of yard sales today. Got some cool stuff, but it was very hot and tired us out. We got a bunch of dominos for the kids. We got Uno cards for ten cents and two regular packs of cards for a dime each. My sixteen year old daughter bought six pairs of shoes and some clothing.

Yesterday, somebody sold me eight blue-ray movies for just five bucks. I will sell them on eBay and hope to make forty bucks out of them. I also bought the Indiana Jones DVD set for two bucks. This year looks like a good year for yard sales

Friday, March 30, 2012

Online banking for my company

Posted by Virgil Burks

My small business is very fast paced and has a lot of moving parts to it. I am the President of the company as well as the owner so I wear many hats throughout the day. One thing that was slowing me down was having to make a bank run every morning before we opened and every night when we closed. I didn’t want to leave any money in the store so I would take it to the bank and then go back in the morning to pick up some cash to get started with. Once I found out that I could do all of those things from the comfort of my officeover the internet I was so happy. I wouldn’t have to waste tons of time every day driving back and forth. As long as my t1 internet is running smoothly (which, it always is) I have no problems doing all of my banking online. I think my two year old is a little disappointed that he no longer gets to get a green sucker every day though.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

A Unique Cat Necklace From Diamond Dozen

Chaz from Diamonddozen sent me a cute (one of a kind) cat necklace for my daughter. My five year old daughter Khloe loves cats and she loves the necklace. The necklace is cute and very well made. Here is a picture of the necklace.
Antique Cat Necklace

I don't know what the necklace is made of, but I do know it came from New York and Chaz is the owner. You can buy one of his cool necklaces at his website which is through this link. If you want unique, well made and interesting jewelry at good prices make sure you check out his website. Like I said, my daughter loves her necklace and since I am done with this review, she can wear it all the time. I want to thank Chaz for his gift and the quick delivery. This jewelry is for adults and children alike. Take a look at his website and find a unique piece of jewelry for yourself.

My Wife Decided It Was Time For Her To Buy A New Car

My wife wanted a new car because our 96 Lexus LS400 needed repairs to the air conditioning and we didn't want to pay two thousand dollars. We live in Florida and you need air conditioning most of the year because it is always hot and humid in this part of the country. My wife heard about Kia cars and she wanted to check them out. My wife looked up a Florida Kia Dealer online and we took a trip to the dealership.

I didn't know much about Kia's, but I decided it was worth a peak. My wife wanted to check out the Kia Optima Hybrid Sedan because it looked cool to her and it gets 40 mpg on the highway and 35 mpg in the city. The car was nice in person, comfortable and it was filled with options. My wife fell in love with the car immediately, but I wanted to check out another Kia car so I could compare.

I checked out the 2012 Kia Sorento LX SUV. I loved the SUV because it was roomy and comfortable. I also loved the looks and how the vehicle handled. I was sold on the SUV and my wife was sold on the Hybrid Sedan. We talked about it and decided on the sedan because gas is expensive and it got nearly twice the gas mileage as the SUV. One day, I think I am going to go back and get that Kia Sorento SUV, but for now we will be driving the Hybrid Sedan.

Iris and The Dragonflies Book Review

Iris talked to dragonflies, she loved them. A schoolmate, Tommy killed a dragonfly to hurt Iris and it worked. Iris was brokenhearted. It seems that Tommy is one of those children who always makes trouble in class and this was no different. For a girl who was nearly eleven, it was hard for Iris to understand she could hear the dragonflies speak. This was even harder for her father to understand, he thought his daughter was going a little crazy.

Iris gets lost in a rainstorm and winds up at her grandmother's house with gashes up and down both of her legs. She mumbles about being in a castle. She had a big story for her grandmother who wondered how Iris did so much when she was gone for only two hours. Iris had to go on vacation with her parents for a month to Ireland where she heard stories about dragons.

The dragonflies talked to Iris and brought her on adventures. She got caught on a Dragon's Cliff where she was led to a box. She had to be  rescued from the cliff by Cormac and his dogs. This is just one of the adventures Iris found herself involved in.

The book Iris and the Dragonflies is filled with stories of family, children dealing with school and classmates. Mixed into the story are the adventures of Iris with Dragons and dragonflies. The book also has old family stories that are interesting and fun. This book would be a cool book for young children who love to read about adventures.

There is also an important lesson about dragonflies, nature and how some people or companies don't respect nature and always develop areas that destroy nature and the things that live in the particular area. Iris was trying to save a creek from a development and makes a petition for people to sign. It is cool when a young child does something important at such a young age. This book teaches children as they read through an adventure.

I enjoyed the book and it left me with meaning. I like it when a book tells you something important and makes you think. I like how Iris's parents thought their daughter was a bit crazy, but at the end of the book they are proud with what their daughter accomplished....

You can buy this book on Amazon....

Growing Culinary Herbs In Containers‏ Review and Ebook Giveaway 4/10/2012 Ten Winners

About The Author: Anja Koch has been a plant enthusiast since her early teens. Growing and cultivating plants has always been one of her favorite pastimes. Having finished school in Germany she began an apprenticeship as a landscape gardener.

This was followed by a professional program in landscape design and involved a thesis on Robinsonian Gardens. Anja moved to Ireland in 1997 and since then has built up an award winning garden centre and nursery business. Trading and dealing with the amateur gardener on a daily basis for over 13 years has taught her the challenges and problems that people face when it comes to growing plants and indeed gardening in general. You can get great gardening advice if you go to her website called Gardening

Growing Culinary Herbs in Containers is a cool ebook. As soon as you open the ebook, you see Little Miss Greenfingers which is a great hook to the book.
little miss greenfingers

As you can see, the image is very cute. My sixteen year old daughter wants to grow herbs, so this book is perfect for our family. The book takes you from the first step of growing culinary herbs in containers and to the point where you harvest your herbs. I like the section that tells you how to get rid of bugs the green way. I will try this on our garden because we get many annoying bugs in Florida which I know little or nothing about.

She also tells us how to grow herbs indoors. I will try this too with my small children because they are in the stage where they love to grow plants. This book is perfect for kids and adults and is filled with valuable information.

For Growing Herbs From Seeds You Need:  herb seeds  seed compost  seed trays  sheet of glass to cover trays (optional)  small plastic pots or peat pots  watering can. I copied this from the book for this purpose. This book is 85 pages and is filled with tips to help you grow herbs in containers inside or outside. The information is excellent and will be used by me and my family. The author's website gives you more tips on how to grow nearly everything you want to grow.

This book is a great resource for somebody who wants to grow culinary herbs in containers. The author's website is a great resource that shows you how to grow many other things like vegetables, roses, orchids etc. The author lets us know that you don't have to be a professional gardener or a large space to grow culinary herbs. If you use this book together with the author's website, you learn a ton about growing all types of plants you always wanted to grow, but did not have the courage or information to grow them correctly.

The giveaway is cool. Ten people will be getting a ebook of Growing Culinary Herbs in Containers. You will love this book because it is filled with information, easy to understand and just plain fun. It's time to start growing that little herb garden you wanted to grow.

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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Sending Flowers By Post Can Make Your Woman Smile

Like most women, my wife loves flowers. I remember the first time I sent her flowers. She was living in the Philippines and I was living in Indiana. Her friend had just received flowers and she was a little jealous. She asked me why I didn't send her flowers. I told her we lived ten thousand miles away and I had no idea how to send flowers by postal flower service. Our conversation ended with her still being sad and me trying to figure out how to send her flowers.

I spent the rest of the days figuring out how to send flowers to a woman in the Philippines while I was living in Indiana. I checked out a whole bunch of florist, but none of them sent flowers to Cebu in the Philippines. I finally decided to make a search on Google to find a florist in the Philippines. I found a couple of florists and then I had to find out how to get in touch with them.

I had to buy a phone card to call the florist which I found at the local Chinese store. I called the florist, but I messed up the first time and the call did not go through. I finally got an answer on the third or forth time. I told the florist what I wanted and they asked me for my credit card information. Good thing the people at the florist actually spoke English. The flowers were delivered the next day and my future wife was happy.

Spring Training in Florida (haiku)

Spring Training is here
Baseball Around Florida
The Season is Near

Three Kevita Probiotic Drinks Coupons Giveaway 4/5/2012

What is KeVita™?

Mango Coconut
KeVita™ is a Delicious Sparkling Probiotic Superdrink.
KeVita is live and to be enjoyed daily. Using a fresh new approach, KeVita combines the finest organic ingredients including fruits, teas or coconut water, organic plant extracts and probiotics for your drinking pleasure. KeVita is delicious vitality in every sip!
KeVita has 4 strains of active probiotics, including those originating from kefir-derived cultures. For thousands of years these cultures have been cherished for supporting beneficial digestive flora.
KeVita is available in 9 delicious flavors!
  • live, sparkling, deliciously thirst-quenching
  • 5 flavors certified organic, 4 flavors made with organic ingredients
  • made with LOVE in small batches in California
  • Mango Coconut
Why Drink KeVita? For radiant vitality and health! KeVita is the only sparkling, delicious probiotic drink of its kind, with 4 strains of active cultures that are clinically proven to support digestive health*, maintain the immune system* and deliver more active cultures than yogurt.** A vegan product, KeVita is dairy, lactose, gluten and soy free. Handcrafted and cold-processed at KeVita’s own organic plant in Ventura, CA.  
KeVita™ contains live cultures so keep refrigerated until ready to enjoy!

The Giveaway will be for three coupons for three bottles of Kevita Probiotic Drinks- one 16 ounce bottle for each coupon.

Monday, March 26, 2012

What Types Of Propaganda Art Will We See During The 2012 Presidential Election?

During the upcoming 2012 Presidential Campaign we will see a ton of propaganda for and against President Obama. There will also be propaganda for and against whoever will be the 2012 Republican candidate for President. This is part of our culture, we love to root for those candidates we love and make fun of those candidates we hate.

shepard fairey is a contemporary graphic designer and illustrator who emerged from the skateboarding scene. During the 2008 Presidential election his Obama "Hope" poster gave many people in our country hope for a new  presidential figure that would bring great change for our country. Four years later this change is not the type of change many of us were hoping for. Our hope turned into a socialist presidency which made our government larger, our economy much worse and our national debt larger than ever before. Don't blame the artist, blame the man who portrayed himself as a savior of the United States of America.

shepard fairey art is as interesting as it is different. He made art years ago of one of my favorite wrestlers of all time, Andre The Giant. In the early 80's I actually stood two feet away from this gentle giant in Boston, MA. You can get some interesting shepard fairey prints and learn more about the artist through his work. Some artists show their true beliefs and likes through propaganda art and Shepard Fairey has gained success through his controversial art. Who knows what types of propaganda art we will see during the upcoming 2012 Presidential Election. I will look forward to checking it out.

Fever All Ages 3-6 ("Children's Strength) Review and Giveaway 4-5-2012

I was sent Fever All Children's Strength to review and giveaway. The children's strength is recommended for children 3-6 years old. I would actually use the medicine for my eight year old son too because I would rather use a little less Acetaminophen because of the warnings of the product. This product is a rectal suppository for children who refuse or unable to take a fever reducer due to vomiting. Too much Acetaminophen can destroy your child's liver, so not following directions on any fever reducer for your child can be dangerous. It is important that you consult with your doctor or medical assistant before you administer Acetaminophen (Tylenol) to your child. 

The company who sent me this sample, wants me to tell you that my son should take FeverAll for children ages six to twelve years of age. They told me that acetaminophen when taken correctly will not hurt your children. They don't want me to give you inaccurate information. Therefore, this is what I tell you, it is important to use medication correctly. However, if I make the choice to use less medicine if it works for my child, this is my choice. I do follow directions on medicine, but I also believe less can sometimes be better in certain situations. If your child needs medicine to reduce a fever, by all means use the correct dose for your child. I do use the correct dosage. Besides following directions on medicines, it is a good thing to listen to what your pediatrician has to say about medicine.

I actually had to give my boy another suppository medicine in the past due to vomiting and this medicine should be kept in your medicine cabinet just in case your child needs a fever reducer and they cannot take it through liquid or a pill. Here is information about Fever All from the makers of the product.

As a parent, I’m sure you’ve been there - it’s the middle of the night - sick baby wailing with a fever and you can’t get her to calm down to take a full dose of liquid acetaminophen. Your frustration compounds the situation because all you want to do is help her to feel better. If you had FeverAll® Acetaminophen Suppositories in your medicine cabinet, this situation might play out a bit smoother and your baby would receive the full dose of acetaminophen that she needs to fight fever.

FeverAll® is the top national brand of acetaminophen in suppository form. Parents have relied on its accuracy and ease-of-use for more than 30 years. With FeverAll®, parents can be confident that their child has received the exact dosage of acetaminophen required for their age every single time. At less than one-inch in size, FeverAll® is smaller than other acetaminophen suppositories, which makes it easier to administer in infants and children. 
Acetaminophen dosing for children has never been simpler or more accurate.  No more measuring, struggling with a feisty toddler or worrying if your child swallowed the full/proper dose because they’re spitting up. What’s more, FeverAll® Infants’ Strength (ages six to 36 months) is the only infant acetaminophen product available that has dosing instructions on the label.

FeverAll® Children’s Strength (ages 3-6 years) and Jr. Strength (ages 6-12 years) formulas are also great alternatives for older children who are unable or unwilling to take a full dose of acetaminophen orally, due to vomiting, or have difficulty swallowing due to physical or medical conditions.

FeverAll® is available at major retailers and drugstores across the U.S., such as Rite Aid, Walgreens and Walmart for a suggested retail price of approximately $7.00 for a package of six suppositories.  Learn more about FeverAll at
The Giveaway is For a Box of Fever All Children's Strength pain reliever and fever reducer

Saturday, March 24, 2012

I Am An NFL Football Fanatic

Like most men, I love sports. My favorite sport is NFL football and I also love Major League Baseball. My favorite baseball team is the Tampa Bay Rays. I work as an in the stands vendor for the Tampa Bay Rays and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. I love sports, but I am afraid to bet on sports.

I am one of those guys who knows a bunch about NFL football. I know the players and I know the teams. I know the rules and I play Yahoo Fantasy Football. I have won four fantasy football championships, but I know if I bet on sports I would get involved beyond being a casual fan. I would worry about every point scored, every touchdown and every field goal.

I have friends who love to bet on football and baseball. They are good at it and they often win money. I tried it once, lost and found myself worried about everything that happened in the game. I couldn't imagine Pete Rose when he bet on the Cincinnati Reds when he was their manager. He had a responsibility to the team while he was betting on the team. I could not imagine being in a situation like that. I was just a one time better and I was worried about each and every play that happened in the game I bet on.

A Cool Biker Shirt I Was Sent To Review

I was sent this cool t-shirt. The shirt is black and has this design on the back. This is my first motorcycle type t-shirt and I love it. The shirt looks incredibly good and is very comfortable. The design on the back of the shirt looks great.

When I buy a t-shirt, I like a shirt that looks good, fits comfortably and is unique to my collection. This t-shirt fits all of my likes and wants. You can buy this t-shirt and others at Liquid Blue Biker T-Shirts. Their shirts look good and they are very cool.

I'm sure I don't get too many bikers on my site, but if you like the style, this company has it. Click on their link and check out their cool shirts. Their designs are very interesting and the shirts are very well made....

 I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

My Friend Loves Legal Online Casinos

A friend of mine was looking for legal poker sites because he wanted to play poker online. He doesn't like the local casino because everybody smokes and he leaves the casino smelling like an ashtray. He likes to talk to people, but not people who have cancer sticks poking out of their mouths and breathing smoke in his face. My friend loves to gamble, but he is far from being a big time gambler.

He found a site that is a social gaming company. He can play poker and talk to people who are also playing poker. He tried the site out and he loved it. I am not a gambler myself, but I understand how some people like gambling while they converse with other people. My friend loves gambling, but he does not like to lose money. He chooses a certain amount of money he will gamble with, if he loses, he quits before his gambling becomes a problem.

I know if I played on a gambling site everyday, I would get hooked. I'm one of those people who could get a gambling addiction and I don't want to do that to my family. I'm glad my friend found a site that suits his lifestyle and he enjoys himself. It's legal, fun and keeps him out of that smokey casino.

Friday, March 23, 2012

When You Turned And Walked Away

The Pain I Feel
Seeps Deep Into My Heart
I Cried
From The Very Start

Sadness Found Me
When I Watched You Walk Away
There Was Nothing I Could Do
And Nothing I Could Say

I Cry Silently
My Heart Breaks
I Cannot Fall Asleep
I Cannot Stay Awake

My World Has Been Turned Upside Down
I Am Helpless
Words Cannot Explain
Everything I Miss

About You
About The Kids
What You Said
And What You Did

I Will Never Forget
That Moment That Day
When You Looked At Me
When You Turned And Walked Away.....

Five Finger Tees Review Rick Grimes For President 2012

Five Finger Tees sent me a T-shirt of my choice. I chose the Rick Grimes For President 2012 T-shirt. The t-shirt is cool and very comfortable. It fits perfect and is obviously high quality. This shirt is now one of my favorite t-shirts.

Who is Rick Grimes? Rick Grimes is the lead character and Sheriff on the Walking Dead television show. Of course, this is one of my favorite shows and I love his character. If you watched the second season, you know it ended wild and Rick Grimes acted a bit on the crazy side. Should be a great fall when the show comes back on television.

Would I really vote Rick Grimes for President if he was a real person and not just a television character. Rick Grimes kills zombies and watches out for his people. I think he would make a great President of the United States.

If you want a great quality t-shirt at a good price, check out Five Finger Tees.They have a ton of cool shirts that fit really good and are made well.