Thursday, March 1, 2012

It Would Be Cool To Spend Some Time In Scotland

It would be cool to live in another country for a spell. I would love to go to Ireland and Scotland and spend a few months in a nice loft or apartment. It would be great to spend time relaxing and enjoying the sites. I would try all the foods and spend some time in the neighborhood taverns. It would be cool to try beer brewed fresh in another country.

I think I would book a hotel first to get a look at a nice place in Scotland. I would spend a week in a hotel and then I would look for an apartment where I could spend at least three months. I would hope they would give me a good price so I could stay for a long spell. I haven't decided the specifics of my trip, but I always dreamed of spending more time in another country.

I think Scotland would be fun. If I liked it, I would spend more time traveling the countryside and I would one of those apartments where you pay by the night. I can't wait to travel and enjoy every aspect of Scotland. Scotland is a cool country and I think my stay would be one of the most incredible times of my life. After I left Scotland, I believe I would continue on to Ireland and look for our family crest.

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