Sunday, March 11, 2012

My Brother Needed A New Mailbox

My brother needed a new mailbox because somebody actually ran his mailbox over and destroyed it. He lives on a highway and it looks like somebody swerved and took it out. He likes Classic Mailboxes and he decided he would look for one online. He told me he found a few mailboxes he liked and asked me for my opinion.

I looked at the mailboxes and I was partial to one of the Gaines Mailboxes in particular. I like the Keystone Mailboxes the most and found one Keystone mailbox that was perfect for my brother. The mailbox was called the Signature Keystone Deluxe Mailbox. I decided I would buy the mailbox for my brother because he put a brand new wooden floor in the upstairs of my house.

I bought the mailbox and the Gaines Mailbox Company shipped it free to my brother's house. The mailbox package arrived at my brother's house in New York and he was thrilled. He put it up and it made an excellent addition to his newly remodeled house. Now my brother owes me big time, I think I will ask him to replace my kitchen cabinets next year when he comes for another visit.

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