Friday, March 30, 2012

Online banking for my company

Posted by Virgil Burks

My small business is very fast paced and has a lot of moving parts to it. I am the President of the company as well as the owner so I wear many hats throughout the day. One thing that was slowing me down was having to make a bank run every morning before we opened and every night when we closed. I didn’t want to leave any money in the store so I would take it to the bank and then go back in the morning to pick up some cash to get started with. Once I found out that I could do all of those things from the comfort of my officeover the internet I was so happy. I wouldn’t have to waste tons of time every day driving back and forth. As long as my t1 internet is running smoothly (which, it always is) I have no problems doing all of my banking online. I think my two year old is a little disappointed that he no longer gets to get a green sucker every day though.

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