Wednesday, March 21, 2012

An Enrolled Agent Has To Keep Their Qualifications Up To Date

My brother in-law decided he was going to be an enrolled agent. He is going to school to take all of the courses that qualify him to prepare taxes. He keeps telling me about all the required classes he has to take. He has to take an ea ethics course because that is one of the qualifications. He is amazed with all the changes the IRS keeps making to the taxes each year.

He tells me that many people do not know all the work there is to keep up to date with all the tax changes. You don't go to school, get a degree and prepare taxes for the rest of your life. An enrolled agent has to go to enrolled agent continuing education yearly to keep up with the changes and qualification of their job. My brother in-law is amazed with the work it takes to keep up with our tax system.

I had no idea about taxes and enrolled agent education until my brother in-law told me the facts. Enrolled agents do a ton of work to make sure they do our tax preparation correctly each year. My brother in-law wants to make sure he is up to date with all of his qualifications so he works with a company who is an approved IRS approved provider. His new job seems cool, but the work he has to do each year to keep up with our taxes is more than I could ever had imagined.

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