Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Finding The Best DUI Attorney When You Make A Dumb Decision

I remember when I used to live in Cincinnati, a friend of mine needed a Cincinnati Lawyer. He went to a party one night and he drank too much alcohol. He wasn't thinking straight and he decided to drive himself home. My friend never made it home, the police stopped him and he was arrested for a DUI.

My friend called me and told me what happened the next morning. I drove to the jail and bailed him out. The conversation we had in the car was not what he hoped for. I yelled at him and told him he was a complete idiot. He needed my help trying to find a Cincinnati DUI Attorney. After I calmed down I decided to help him. He is my friend and this was the first time he did something this incredibly stupid.

We found a Cincinnati Attorney online and saw that he helped people who were arrested for a DUI. We called him, set up a meeting and eventually my friend hired him to help. My friend had to pay for his dumb mistake financially, but the lawyer helped him get the best deal possible. Years later, when we go out to a party, one of us drinks a few drinks and the other one drives. My friend learned that drinking and driving is not the right thing to do and can be very dangerous. My friend is thankful we found a good lawyer who helped him deal with this bad situation. He will never drink and drive again.

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