Saturday, March 3, 2012

Are We All The Same?

You ever wonder why we treat movie stars, sports stars and rich people differently than our neighbors? When Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson and Davey Jones died, it was a huge deal. Imagine all of the people who go to royal weddings. Look at all of the people who had to be there when President Obama was inaugurated. It is incredible how we treat people depending on their social status.

You may think it is funny when I tell you we are all the same. Every one of us are born, we live our lives and we eventually die. Rich people may be put in more expensive coffins, but we all die. Maybe we are too interested in sports personalities, rich people, singers and movie stars. When it comes down to it, a homeless man is exactly the same as the richest person in the world. The only difference between the two people are their choices and their circumstances and of course the way we look at each individual.

Why am I talking about this? I think it is time we look at all people like they are our neighbors. It is time we treat our neighbors like we would want to be treated by them. We all have our favorite movie stars, sports stars and singers. We love to see people who are important and rich. The problem is sometimes we forget that are friends and our neighbors are the same as the people we look up to. They just aren't in the news every day because they did something special. When we all realize God looks at us the same, maybe we will learn how to treat other how He treats each one of us.....

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