Friday, March 16, 2012

Some People Have No Real Ideas About How To Attract Women

My daughter hooked up with a site where you can earn money writing. She made an offer to a guy who is Indian and lives in Canada. He was writing a book about how to attract women and his writing was impossible to understand. My daughter was hired to edit his book. She spent about sixteen hours editing the guys book and laughing at the same time.

She wondered how this man could actually attract women himself if it was impossible to understand him. How could this man teach other men how to attract women? It was an interesting assignment for my daughter. When she was finished, she was exhausted. She sent the man the edited copy and has not heard a word from him since. This man proved he has real idea about how to attract women. Women do not like liars or cheats.

My daughter learned a lot from this experience. Whoever this man was, he was a fake. He could not write and he did exactly what women do not like. He asked somebody to help him, he did not pay her and she is left waiting for a reply. You ever been in a situation like this? How can this man actually attract women when he has all of the personality traits of a loser? The best thing my daughter learned from this experience is there are dishonest people out there and you have to watch your back. Incredibly, this man did the same thing to somebody else.

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