Saturday, March 24, 2012

I Am An NFL Football Fanatic

Like most men, I love sports. My favorite sport is NFL football and I also love Major League Baseball. My favorite baseball team is the Tampa Bay Rays. I work as an in the stands vendor for the Tampa Bay Rays and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. I love sports, but I am afraid to bet on sports.

I am one of those guys who knows a bunch about NFL football. I know the players and I know the teams. I know the rules and I play Yahoo Fantasy Football. I have won four fantasy football championships, but I know if I bet on sports I would get involved beyond being a casual fan. I would worry about every point scored, every touchdown and every field goal.

I have friends who love to bet on football and baseball. They are good at it and they often win money. I tried it once, lost and found myself worried about everything that happened in the game. I couldn't imagine Pete Rose when he bet on the Cincinnati Reds when he was their manager. He had a responsibility to the team while he was betting on the team. I could not imagine being in a situation like that. I was just a one time better and I was worried about each and every play that happened in the game I bet on.

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