Friday, March 23, 2012

Replacing Old Cluster Mailboxes With Approved Cluster Mailboxes

As a manager of an apartment complex, I had to get some new cluster mailboxes for the complex. The mailboxes were outdated and were not USPS approved cluster mailboxes. The boss gave me a budget and a time limit to get the new mailboxes. This is a part of my job where I had to do research on the internet to learn something new and fulfill my job. I never ordered approved cluster mailboxes before and I wanted to do it right.

I did a search on Google to find the companies who dealt in cluster mailboxes. I checked them out and I found the right place for our budget. The place dealt with approved cluster mailboxes and they were the commercial cluster mailboxes we needed for our apartment complex. This is not a favorite part of my job, but the company I dealt with was friendly, professional and helpful.

The mailboxes came in and I replaced the old outdated cluster mailboxes with the new ones. It took me awhile to put them out, but they looked perfect when I was done. I strive for perfection in my job, so I often take a little more time than the average individual when I do my work. I am glad I worked with the company I did because they made my job easier and less stressful.

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