Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Memories of My School Locker

I remember as a kid when we had our own school lockers in the hallway of our school. You had to remember the combination to get into the locker and get your school supplies. I would keep my books and a coat in my locker and that was about it. I was jealous of some of my friends lockers because they had pictures of their girlfriends and other cool stuff.

I'm not sure what kind of lockers the kids have today. Back then, we had medal lockers that were lined up against the wall in the main hallway of the school. There were also lockers in the gym, but those lockers were mainly used by the kids who joined the sports teams.

The memories I have about lockers are mostly good. I do remember this one time when the principal decided he had to open up and check every students locker. I guess he had a suspicion that one of the students had some sort of drugs in their locker. As for me, all I ever had was school supplies and a coat in my locker. I guess I must have been one of the ordinary boring students.

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