Thursday, March 22, 2012

Mass Confusion

We sit and talk for hours
about most anything
I speak about my lifetime
the things that really sting
I ask if you are happy
you look into my eyes
"sometimes my life is boring"
at times I wonder why
I try to find the meaning
or read between the lines
if only there was something
which I could define
I know you are really special
of course, I don't know much
except your life is secret
at least it's somewhat such
sometimes you smile, so happily
and dwell in your delight
while saying you are unusual
I wonder if you are right
I know there's times of sadness
a hurt within our heart
so many times we hide it
inside, we fall apart
sometimes, we feel so lonely
with people all around
they always seem to smile
and all we do is frown
sometimes you confuse me,
but still i'll surely bend
it's worth the extra effort
to have a special friend

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