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Faith of Our Fathers DVD Review & Giveaway 11/3/2015

About the movie:
John Paul and Wayne are two young men in search of their fathers.  Problem is...their fathers have been dead for 25 years.  Eddie and Steven are two young men in search of their sons...whom they've never met.  In 1969, Eddie and Steven are with their squad deep in the jungle of Vietnam on a five-day mission to retrieve fallen comrades.  They write letters to their wives, often mentioning their love for their sons, one, who is an infant and one yet to be born.  In 1994, John Paul and Wayne go on a five day road trip to the Vietnam Wall in Washington DC to see their fathers' names.  Along the way, reading those letters, they begin to get an understanding of who their fathers were and how they died.  Trials and mishaps, both funny and sad, complicate the road trip for the boys.  The horrors of war and the testing of faith manifest themselves for the young men in Vietnam.  Ultimately, in parallel stories - 25 years apart - the fathers and sons are bound together forever.  

Runtime: 96 minutes
Genre: Drama
Rating: PG-13 (for brief war violence)

Starring: Stephen Baldwin, Kevin Downes, David A.R. White, Rebecca St. James, Si Robertson, Candace Cameron Bure, Scott Whyte, and Sean McGowan.

Special Features of the DVD:
-The Heart of Faith of Our Fathers
-Honoring Father's Day
-Commemorating Memorial Day
-Si Robertson Interview
-Stephen Baldwin Interview
What a perfect movie for a father and his son to watch together. My son loves war games, he's 11 and he knows nearly everything about all guns. And no war games does not make him violent, he played the games with his father and learned the history about war from me. The movie had an important plot that I have been thinking about for years, the relationship between a father and son. The problem for the two men in this movie was they never met their dads. Both dads died as hero's in the war. They laid down their lives for their friends. I never had a real father because mine was an angry drunk who spent his time hurting our family and not being a father. These men missed out having a father in a different way. I relate with them because I look at God as my true example of a father. Both men had trouble dealing in their own ways because they also lost their moms. 
My son watched the movie, loved seeing the weapons and letting me know what each one was. He also thought the movie was very sad. Both men turning their lives over to God (in their own time) related to how their fathers turned their lives over to God. My son almost lost his father two years ago which we both talked about. I'm told by everybody that I am a good father, which means the world considering what I went through in my life. Eleven years of a stay at home father has been a pleasure for me. The guys in this film never had the chance to spend time with their fathers and in this aspect, I believe my son and I are very lucky because we can spend that important time together. #FAITHOFOURFATHERS and #FLYBY

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Monday, October 26, 2015

NIV Bible For Teen Girls Review and Giveaway 11/3/2015

  • DAILY READINGS by popular Christian female authors including Bethany Hamilton (Soul Surfer), Annie DownsChristine Caine, Nicole WeiderElsa Kok ColopyCrystal KirgissBekah Hamrick MartinDenise Van Eck, and more
  • CHARACTER PROFILES of women in the Bible
  • BOOK INTRODUCTIONS for each book of the Bible
  • HIGHLIGHTED PROMISES OF GOD are verses worth remembering
  • A CONCORDANCE for help in finding verses
  • The bestselling NEW INTERNATIONAL VERSION (NIV) of the Bible 
 #NIVBibleforTeenGirls and #FLYBY

The great people at Zondervan have designed a Bible for real teen girls with real lives.  Today's teen girl needs reassurance that no issue is too big for God.  The NIV Bible for Teen Girls, designed specifically for girls ages 13 to 18, will do just that.  This Bible is packed with daily readings, highlighted promises of God, challenging insights, smart advice, and open discussions about the realities of life.  This Bible is designed to help teen girls grow in faith, hope, and love.  It is as sincere about a teen girl's walk with God as they are, helping them discover his will for all areas of their life, including relating to their family, dealing with friends, work, sports, guys, and so much more.  

I like the idea about having this particular Bible for teen girls. I know it makes my daughter feel special to have her very own Bible. I also believe it's important for kids to read the Bible, during one of the tougher times of their lives. The Bible is filled with important information that relates to important women in the Bible. Growing in Faith Hope and Love is the basis of our faith and this is the perfect thing to teach teenage girls. Not sure if they have a teenage boy Bible yet (like this) but I think that would also be a great idea. It's important for our teens to learn about the Bible, God and Jesus at their level, so they can deal with all the peer pressures in the right way.

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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

MadBite Multi Function Stainless Steel Fishing Pliers Scissors Braid Cutters Hook Removers Fishing Line Cutters Review

So everybody knows, this is how my reviews work. I will copy information about the product from Amazon, so you get the information from the companies own mouth about the product I will add a picture, then I will give you an opinion about the product in my own words. I think it is important to have the information from the company and an unbiased opinion, so you know the most about each particular product.

  • Pocket size Lightweight and easy to carry or store scissors fishing line cutter
  • Easy to clean ABS construction with stainless steel micro serrated blade
  • Easily cuts through monofilament, copolymer, fluorocarbon even smaller diameter braided fishing line
  • Corrosion resistant stainless steel fold away blade and lightweight durable ABS handle
  • Retractable lanyard included to attach to clothing or fishing vest.

I'm always in need of a pair of scissors when fishing. You'd be amazed how many times your line gets stuck and you need to cut it off, so you can get back to the more important thing you came there for, fishing. These are tiny enough to fit in your pocket or in your tackle box. They are stainless steel and makes it likely they won't rust. In Florida I use a strong plastic tackle box because of all the salt water. I found that I kept these in my pocket the entire time I was fishing. They cut easily and were likely the most handy thing I had with me the last time I went fishing. This is a reasonable price for a useful tool. One tip, don't give them to a friend to use or you may not get them back until you ask for them. I haven't decided if I like the thing you can hook to your clothes or not yet. I still just keep it in my pocket for the convenience.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Nu Skin Clear Action Acne Medication System Trial And Review

I had the chance to try out the Nu Skin Clear Action Acne Medication System. For this trial, I received the product, but the opinion about this product is my own. First of all, with the help of my wife, I used it on my back. Even though I am 51 years old, I am a in the stands vendor and I sweat a lot. I noticed (this year) that I was getting acne on my back a lot. I take showers and am a clean person, but I couldn't beat the acne. Here is a picture of my upper back before I used the Nu Skin Clear Action Acne Medication System.

How to Use Nu Skin Clear Action Acne Medication System

It is a simple system that uses for products:
  1. Clear Action Cleanser
  2. Clear Action Toner
  3. Clear Action Day Treatment
  4. Clear Action Night Treatment
In the morning use:
  • Foaming Cleanser
  • Toner
  • Day Treatment
  • Moisturizer with SPF (Nu Skin Day Radiance works great)
At night use:
  • Foaming Cleanser
  • Toner
  • Night Treatment

Clinical Trials of Clear Action Acne Medication System

Nu Skin is a bit obsessed with the science behind things and making sure it works.
As I said, my wife helped me use the Nu Skin Clear Action Acne Medication System. Here are a couple of pictures of my back after using the product for two weeks. 

As you can see, the pimples are gone. I did notice, that I had to fight the sweating and pimples over the two weeks. It took over a week for the product to work with my body to begin cleaning up my back. I believe this is because I work hard ad sweat a lot. The product worked and my back is much cleaner. I also (no longer) have the horrible itching feeling I had on my back two weeks ago.
If you have problems with acne, Here is the Buy product link:  http://1beautyst.nuskinops.com/content/opp/en_US/products/holly/kids/01110391.html

Happy Hour Snack Mixes From TGI Friday's

Happy Hour Snack Mix: There are several nut/cracker mixes on the market, but nothing like the TGI Fridays approach that features bold flavors spanning from sweet (bbq) to hot (wasabi) to spicy (sriracha) to offer an entirely different twist on the tailgate staple. Combining nuts, pretzels, crackers and seeds in the tradition of happy hour pub mixes, these Snack Mixes are offered in four different varieties - Cheddar Bacon, Sriracha, Sweet Barbeque and Sweet and Spicy Snack Mix. The four varieties four flavors are available in 2.65-ounce and 6-ounce pouches and are available in select grocery and convenience stores nationwide with a suggested retail price of $2.99 and $4.99, respectively.
2.       Sweet Potato Skins: These tantalizingly delicious snacks are made from real sweet potatoes and are seasoned with a mild blend of cane sugar, molasses and salt to perfectly accent the natural sweetness of the potatoes. The combination of salty/sweet taste and unique shape (like a real potato skin) is sure to set them apart on the tailgate table. And because they are made with real sweet potatoes, they happen to offer 50 percent of the daily recommended value of vitamin A in each serving! This new snack is available in convenience and grocery stores nationwide in 2.75 ounce and 5 ounce bags, respectively. A convenient 1.35 ounce single-serve bag will also available in vending machines. The suggested retail price ranges from $1.00 to $2.69 per package.                                            
    I had the pleasure to be able to try Happy Hour Snack Mixes from TGI Friday's. What I learned is that these bags of snack mixes may be small, but they are filled with a ton of flavor. My favorite was the Sweet Potato Skins. I went on a vending trip and ate the entire bag on the way home. These chips had a great flavor and had just the right amount of salt. The other snacks really had some punch. The Cheddar Bacon Snack mix was spicy and filled with tons of flavor. I shared them with the guys and they both loved them. What was great was we worked a Miami Dolphins game and ate these before and after the game. We had to drive from Tampa, to Miami and back. We did not want to stop and eat a meal because it was such a long day in the first place. These snack mixes gave us enough energy to make it home.  My wife tried the other snacks and told me they had a ton of flavor too. These snacks are perfect for tailgating and any time you want a snack with ton of delicious flavor. We all like all these snacks, but I am most likely to pick up the sweet potato skins when I use the free coupons the company also shared with me. 
TThis is a review of this product, I received the item for free, but my opinion is my own

Monday, October 5, 2015

Tips to Help You Find the Right Boat Cover

Purchasing and owning a boat is a big investment. Not only do most individuals put a lot of money into the actual purchase of their boat, but they also spend a lot of their resources on insurance, boat storage, boat accessories, and more. Besides the financial investment individuals have in their boat, many individuals have an emotional connection with their boat. For some, it is almost their best friend. A boat is a cherished item. For this reason, you want to prolong the life and value of your boat. One great way to do this is by choosing the right boat cover.

Many individuals do not realize that boat covers have many uses. The first use is obvious. A boat cover keeps the boat clean. Dirt is not able to easily enter the boat. This means the boat will not be full of leaves and bird droppings that need to be cleaned out before an outing. A boat cover also repels moisture and water, which allows the boat to remain dry inside and prevents the growth of mold. Boat covers are also able to protect the boat from ultraviolet rays from the sun that can harm the boat. They keep animals away from the boat, preventing them from building nests and damaging the boat. A cover is also going to deter potential thieves from stealing things inside the boat.

When it comes to choosing a boat cover, you have two options. The first option is to choose a custom cover. The other option is a universal cover. Custom covers are going to fit the exact design of the boat. They are custom-made for a tight fit with no flapping or looseness. Usually, custom covers are going to be a bit more expensive than universal covers. Universal covers take into consideration the beam width of a boat and its centerline length. Some manufacturers also consider the hull style. Universal covers will not provide as tight a fit as custom covers.

For individuals who would like to get boat accessories now, they should keep a couple of things in mind when it comes to boat covers. The cover should be UV and mildew resistant. It should have reinforced corners and seams, which will ensure that it will not pull apart or rip easily. It should also repel and resist water. Light weight boat covers are easier to maneuver and can easily be folded and stored when they are not in use.

How To Get Permanent Marker Out Of Your Leather Couch

I worked at the Tampa Bay Buccaneers game yesterday. I fought rain and traffic. I was tired when I finally made it home. I sat on the couch and saw three black permanent marker marks on the couch. I asked my wife about it, she said my son was fighting with his school project, slipped and marked up the couch. My wife paid three thousand dollars for the sectional just four months ago. She told me to try some nail polish remover on it, the nail polish remover did nothing to help. I'm guessing the permanent marker was on the couch for 8-10 hrs. by the time I actually saw it.

I looked on Google for some ideas. I finally found an interesting idea that would not destroy the couch. I mean, we want to get black permanent marker out of the couch, but we don't want to destroy an expensive piece of leather furniture. One lady talked about using spray sunscreen to remove the permanent marker. I figured this was worth a try because it likely would not do any damage to the couch.

I sprayed the sunscreen on the black permanent marker spots on the couch. I wiped carefully and noticed it began to fade the marks slightly, but did not seem to harm the couch. It took me fifteen minutes of spraying and wiping to finally remove all the black permanent marker from our leather sectional. The marks are gone and there is no damage to the couch. Remember, this permanent marker had eight to ten hours to become part of our furniture. Hopefully, if this happens to you, you will notice sooner and will take less time to clean up your mess. I hope this helps anyone with the same problem I had to deal with yesterday.

Cool Blue Hammock 10/17/2015

For over 2,000 years, man has been searching for the final resting place of Noah's Ark.  Though there have been many attempts, few have been able to fully explore the one place specifically noted in the Bible: Mount Ararat.  Located in Eastern Turkey, Agri Dagh or "The Painful Mountain" is the tallest mountain in the region and lies in the very center of a centuries old, geo-politically unstable hot spot.  With constant threats of deadly rock slides, hidden crevasses, and glacial ice falls, the Kurdish Rebel held mountain poses great risk to any explorer, let alone those performing a thorough scientific investigation.  

Join director/producer Brent Baum and the FINDING NOAH film crew as they follow an expedition of intrepid explorers on a perilous trek up to Mt. Ararat's desolate summit.  There, using state of the art technology and real-time satellite imagery, this team of archeologists, scientists and professional mountaineers will begin a grid work of exploration unlike any before, hoping to finally resolve the age-old question:  did Noah and his Ark actually exist?  

Shot in never-before filmed locations in the harshest of conditions, this unprecedented feature-length documentary shows just how far men are willing to go to discover the truth.  Narrated by Academy Award nominee Gary Sinise, FINDING NOAH is more than a quest for answers, it is a testament of the human spirit, where belief and the need for exploration transcend risk and limitation.  

Now, when I watched this movie, I was surprised these individuals were allowed to actually search for Noah's Ark. At the end, they were locked out of being able to continue their search, which is what I expected in the first place. The movie was very interesting. You have a possible Ark in the ice filled mountains, in a part of the country that doesn't exactly cater to Christian's and their expeditions. I'm not sure if there is actually enough evidence to prove Noah's Ark is in this location, but this is a very interesting film, that shows people of faith, searching for one of the most important objects from the Old Testament. I have learned in my lifetime that no matter how much evidence is found to prove the Bible, there will still be millions of people who will never believe in God, Jesus or the reality of the Bible and our faith. I believed this is due to hardened hearts.

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