Monday, October 5, 2015

How To Get Permanent Marker Out Of Your Leather Couch

I worked at the Tampa Bay Buccaneers game yesterday. I fought rain and traffic. I was tired when I finally made it home. I sat on the couch and saw three black permanent marker marks on the couch. I asked my wife about it, she said my son was fighting with his school project, slipped and marked up the couch. My wife paid three thousand dollars for the sectional just four months ago. She told me to try some nail polish remover on it, the nail polish remover did nothing to help. I'm guessing the permanent marker was on the couch for 8-10 hrs. by the time I actually saw it.

I looked on Google for some ideas. I finally found an interesting idea that would not destroy the couch. I mean, we want to get black permanent marker out of the couch, but we don't want to destroy an expensive piece of leather furniture. One lady talked about using spray sunscreen to remove the permanent marker. I figured this was worth a try because it likely would not do any damage to the couch.

I sprayed the sunscreen on the black permanent marker spots on the couch. I wiped carefully and noticed it began to fade the marks slightly, but did not seem to harm the couch. It took me fifteen minutes of spraying and wiping to finally remove all the black permanent marker from our leather sectional. The marks are gone and there is no damage to the couch. Remember, this permanent marker had eight to ten hours to become part of our furniture. Hopefully, if this happens to you, you will notice sooner and will take less time to clean up your mess. I hope this helps anyone with the same problem I had to deal with yesterday.

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