Sunday, January 31, 2016

They Are Not Aliens, They Are My Kids

Kyle Ready To Fish

I long for you Lord

Lord, I need your guidance
Fill me with your Spirit
Guide me through this dark Forest
Help me through the Thickets

I yearn for your meadow
I wait for the sun to rise
I long for that day when
You will wipe the teardrops from my eyes

Give me your power Lord
Take these fears away
Anxiety weakens me
Bringing sadness to my days

I long for those streets
Made of pure gold
I long for that day
When my heart won't feel this old

help me Lord
Direct me in your way
Lead me down that road
I fall on my knees to pray

I long for the streams
Made to softly flow
I long for that peace
That only you can help me know

Friday, January 29, 2016

Get Healthy In 2016: Your Go-To Guide

There are few things as valuable in life as your health. When you have energy and your body is free of disease, each day is a treasure that you can enjoy fully. Yet when you are bogged down with a pesky condition that detracts from your vitality and mood, it can seem difficult to get out of bed and complete your daily tasks. The solution is to access and consistently implement wellness strategies that keep you in a state of excellent health. Here are two such strategies that can help you realize this goal in 2016: 

1. Determine Whether You Have A Condition.

Oftentimes, people experience unwanted symptoms that detract from the quality of their day. Some of these symptoms can include incontinence, constipation, chronic fatigue, watery eyes, and mood fluctuation. In many cases, these symptoms result from an undiagnosed condition. For this reason, it's important to determine whether your poor health symptoms are the result of a disease that has not been diagnosed. These days, you can accomplish this objective easily through the use of testing kits offered by companies like Diagnostic Automation. There are a wide range of testing kits that can be purchased from these types of online companies, some of which include:

HCV elisa kit
Cancer kit
Anemia kit
Allergy kit
Diabetes kit 

Once you have diagnosed your condition, you can find the treatment solutions necessary to eradicate it from your life so you can start looking and feeling better. 

2. Get In The Gym. 

If you're serious about getting healthy in 2016, get serious about the gym. To obtain optimal wellness, movement must become an integral component of your daily life. Yet many factors can preclude individuals from being active, including the fact that American culture has become a sedentary one. At this point, only half of Americans work out, and not all of them do so regularly. Step out of your sedentary pattern by joining a local gym and participating in group fitness classes or jogging on the treadmill. Some gyms also employ personal trainers who can provide you with the customized, cutting edge services necessary to get you in excellent shape. 


Once you've decided that a lifestyle of disease and lethargy is no longer acceptable, it's time to make positive behavioral changes that lead you to optimal wellness. Make it happen now by using the two simple health strategies outlined above!

Monday, January 25, 2016

KastKing Triton Dualis Revolutionary Two-speed Spinning Reel Review

  • KastKing's revolutionary Triton Dualis two speed spinning reel features precision high and low gear ratios in one fishing reel. Either gear ratio can be selected at any time. The Triton Dualis two speed reel has the advantage of using one reel for different conditions or techniques. Its low speed gear ratio with more torque covers bottom fishing and using bigger baits to pull in big fish.
  • The high speed gear ratio on the KastKing Triton Dualis two speed spinning reel is ideal for burning lures across the water at high speed or turning fish away from heavy cover quickly. You can change the gear ratio selection during the retrieve. Only a Triton Dualis two speed reel offers a double edged advantage at an affordable price.
  • A KastKing Triton Dualis spinning reel is valuable for kayak fishing, canoe fishing, or small boats; you can cut the amount of tackle on board in half by virtually having two reels on one fishing rod. It eliminates on board weight and clutter, or if space is available, Dualis doubles your fishing tackle options and puts a  high quality reel in your boat.
  • KastKing Triton Dualis performance is unmatched " two spinning reels in one! Whether you need a spinning reel for saltwater or freshwater fishing, cover all of the bases with a KastKing Triton Dualis two speed fishing reel. It's like nothing else out there!
  • Dualis reels are built with tough saltwater safe corrosion resistant components: stainless steel main shaft, 10 shielded stainless steel bearings, aluminum alloy spool and handle, and high-modulus graphite components. Dualis 4000 and 5000 fishing reels have incredible fishing power - 22 lbs. / 10 kg. of carbon fiber drag. A double bearing main shaft support prevents power robbing torsional twist and shaft misalignment, and eliminates shuddering under heavy loads.

This is a large fishing reel and fit perfectly on my deep sea fishing rod. I was able to connect it to the fishing pole very easy. Our YouTube video  took about a minute and a half. I let Doug spool the fishing line in this reel because he has smaller hands than I have. He is able to do this much easier than I can. Our plan is to take this pole reel combination to the pier in St. Petersburg when weather allows. Spooling this reel was very easy and it is the smoothest reel I have on hand now. Doug loves it too and could not stop talking about it. We look forward to catching some larger fish off the pier with this great pole, reel and line. We did not have a chance to cast it yet because it has been incredibly windy in the Tampa area lately. If you fish and like fishing, you can tell when you are handling a quality reel and this is one of them. You can buy this great reel right on AMAZON.

KastKing Maxthin8 Braid Fishing Line 25 LB Review

  • KastKing MaxThin8 Superior Braid is the thinnest 8 strand braid fishing line with incredible abrasion resistance and knot strength.KastKing MaxThin Superior Braid 8-strand line is wrapped tighter and is up to 30% thinner than other brand braid lines.
  • KastKing MaxThin8 Superior braided line is super thin, super strong, and silky smooth with 8 strand braided fishing line. Perfectly round and smoother super braid fishing line for unequalled casting distance and overall fishability for saltwater or freshwater fishing.
  • A High tech manufacturing process and special formula gives KastKing MaxThin8 Superior Braid line zero memory, fantastic knot strength,silkiness,and longer, smoother casts.KastKing MaxThin8 Superior 8 strand braided fishing line has zero stretch that creates a super line with extreme sensitivity that delivers rock solid hooksets for all types of fishing.
  • The super thin diameter of KastKing MaxThin8 Superior Braid 8 stand fishing line gives more spool capacity than the competition and has less resistance to wind and water currents.KastKing MaxThin8 Braid line slices through thick vegetation, stands up to rough structure.MaxThin8's ultra-thin diameter is a fantastic braided line for deep water, swift currents, and helps reduce wind line-bowing.MaxThin8 Superior Braid line comes in tensile strengths from 16lb to 60lbs.
  • MaxThin8 Superior Braid line gives you the confidence to fish in and around the heaviest cover you can find.KastKing MaxThin8 strand braid line is perfect for a wide variety of fishing situations. Compare the specs and great performance features and value of lower cost per yard of KastKing MaxThin8 braid line to superline braid and braided fishing lines by Power Pro,PowerPro Slick 8,Sufix,Berkley,Spiderwire,Stealth,Spiderwire Ultracast,Sufix 832 or Seaguar braided line.

We reviewed this line on Youtube, showing you how easy it is to use. I was amazed at how thin and strong this line was. Doug, the man in the video believes we can catch a nice size fish on the combination reel and fishing line. It was very easy to for Doug to spool the fishing line into the new reel. He was also amazed that there was no worry about tangles. The line was amazingly strong, while easy to work with. Unlucky for us, we did this on one of the coldest days in Florida. We had a weekend of Gale winds which gave us waves 10 to 20 feet high. Can't wait to use this combination, but it depends on the weather. This time we will go after the bigger fish.

Kastking fishing review

Kastking Fishing Reel And Line Review

MadBite Portable Postal Hanging Hook Fishing Scale Review

  • The MadBite Scale with measuring tape weighs fish to 50 Lbs. / 22Kgs.
  • It's large easy to read dial and drop down tape measure allows you to measure fish to 38 "/100cm.
  • Easily stowed away in your tackle box, or hung on your boat by the attached sturdy ergonomic handle the MadBite scale and tape measure is an affordable way of backing up your fish stories.
  • The rear calibration knob allows you to set the weight at zero before each use.Simple sturdy construction allows for years of use.
  • Similar to scales offered by Berkley , Eagle Claw and Mustad but at a much more affordable cost.

Okay, so this is a reasonably priced scale for weighing your fish or anything else for that matter. The scale weighs up to 50 pounds. Your going to have to be a really strong person to hold this scale with that size fish, but I will use it for smaller fish. This is a basic scale that should hold up. It's small and easy to carry around with you in your tackle box or bucket. It also has a tape measure, so you can see how long that fish is too. Would be a great scale to hang off the side of a boat or pier. If for some reason you lose it, it didn't cost you a ton.

Friday, January 22, 2016

The Plans I Have For You Review and Giveaway 1/30/2015

About The Plans I Have For You Devotional
The devotional is an illustrated 90-day devotional written by bestselling children's book author Amy Parker and illustrated by Vanessa Brantley-Newton, teaching and inspiring kids to dream about their future, to focus on faith, love, and joy, and recognize that God has a plan and purpose for each and every one of us.  

Hardcover; 160 pages
Age Range: 8-12 years

About The Plans I Have For You Journal:
The journal prompts creative thinking and exploration of the talents and personalities that make us special, and then helps explore how God may use our unique traits to spread love and joy and make the world a better place. 

Stationery; 208 pages 
Age Range: 11-14 years 

About author Amy Parker:
Amy Parker has sold more than thirty books for children, teens, and adults.  She has also collaborated with authors ranging from New York Times bestsellers to her very own son.  Two of these collaborations are recipients of Christian retailing's Best Awards, and she has also won three Mom's Choice Awards.  But Amy's greatest reward is being a wife to Daniel and a mom to their amazing sons, Michael and Ethan. 

About illustrator Vanessa Brantley-Newton:
Vanessa Brantley-Newton is a self-taught illustrator, doll maker, and crafter.  Her passion for children's books began when she came across The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats as a child in the 1960s.  Growing up in a musical family who love to sing, Vanessa's illustrations are as fun and whimsical as a beautiful melody.  Vanessa currently makes her nest in Charlotte, NC with her husband of 20 years, their daughter, and a very rambunctious cat named Stripes. 

 We received The Plans I Have For You to review. My kids are nine and eleven and they go to Catholic school. I sat down and began this devotional with the two of them. We immediately jumped into a discussion about what kind of plans God might have for all of us. My kids said they believe God's plans for me was to be a good father to them. This made me smile and we discussed what plans God may have for both of them in the future. I don't know if this set of books was made for individual use, but my kids actually like to sit down and go through it with me. The journal book has plenty of room for your kids to draw and write, which my nine year old daughter loves. It's fantastic to teach your kids that God has a plan for each of them.
Here's your chance to win a copy of this book for you and your children

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

My Biggest Fear Is Myself

Maybe you are like me. Dealing with anxiety, depression or insomnia. I'm not a doctor or a specialist of any kind. I'm a regular guy who has dealt with things and has made decisions that turned around and bit me hard. You could be like me or you most likely have a story that brought you to the position you are in right now. I'm learning that the biggest fear I deal with today is myself and how I react to the world around me. You will see many of the dumb decisions I have made and how they have all bit me really hard.  Come on this journey and see if we have anything in common.


We all make decisions that affect our lives in one way or another. When I look back I learn that some of my decisions have brought me to a place that I don't like. In fact, my latest decisions have turned around and bit me real hard. I have been a stay at home father for eleven years, but I also work around my kids and my wife's schedule. I am the only one to drive, so i'm like a soccer dad in a way.

In October I decided to take a job with Amazon. They made me a full time overnight employee with the blue badge. It was 4 nights a week 10 1/2 hrs. a night. That was until the overtime kicked in. When that started, I would get to work at 6:30 PM and work until 6 AM. From work, I would go home, take a shower and wait a few minutes for the family to wake up. I would take my wife to meet her friend and they would drive to work together. I would take my children to school and get home just before 8 AM. I would try to sleep and get back up at 2:30 PM to pick the kids up from school. I would then pick up my wife, get ready for work and do it all over again. The problem happened when they decided to make us work ten out of eleven nights and I also had trouble sleeping during the day. After nine weeks of this, my decision bit me hard. I also worked as a beer vendor for Sunday Tampa Bay Buccaneer games which happened to fall right in the middle of this mess. I bit off more than I could handle.

 I finally got a Saturday off, drove home from work and tried to get some sleep. After four or five hours, I woke up into a full fledged panic attack. My dream was to take my family out to dinner. My reality was the schedule and lack of sleep was burning me out and giving me a huge dose of anxiety. I told my wife and I tried to calm down. I also decided my family should not suffer and decided to take them to Red Lobster anyway. I mean nothing could go wrong during the short trip to Red Lobster. Boy was I mistaken. We reached our last turn and the anxiety took over again. I turned into the parking lot of the restaurant and then I had trouble controlling the car. I managed to park, but my reflexes had really slowed down. We got into Red Lobster and I was feeling something awful.

We decided I needed to go to the hospital. My wife forced me to eat something, which I managed and then I drove to the hospital. It was strange because my body was weak, my tongue was numb and my head was spinning. My blood pressure was high and I could feel my heart pounding. We found our way to the emergency room and they checked me in. At Tampa General hospital, you get to see a nurse quickly, but to get into a room can take a lifetime. The nurse asked me some questions, took a quick EKG and told me it was normal. She also told me I was not the type of person who should be working the night shift. The way I looked and my blood pressure told her that nine weeks at Amazon were enough. My wife told me the same thing just an hour or so before.

The time at the hospital was five hours and we did not get into a room. I asked the nurse if I could leave and she said we could. It was into the wee hours of the morning and I did not want my children spending the entire night in the emergency room. The nurse checked something and told me that when they got me into the room, they would have kept me all night anyway. We left the hospital when in retrospect, we likely should have stayed and had them do all their tests. Remember, I told you that I don't always make the right decisions. The good news is that my blood pressure was beginning to fall in the hospital. They made sure they checked it before I left.

I was able to drive home, we arrived around 2 AM Sunday morning. The insomnia kicked in and I was up to 5:30 in the morning. I finally fell asleep and had the alarm set for 9:30 AM. Sunday morning was another Tampa Buccaneers game. Made it to and through the game, the anxiety came back when I got home. After another restless night, I decided to go to the doctor on Monday morning. Mr. Taigle is actually a RN Practitioner, but that's the life when it comes to modern medicine.



Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Spaghetti With Meatballs, Meatballs Made With Ground Beef and Bison

We made spaghetti and meatballs with ground beef and bison. This tasted delicious, even more after setting for 2 hours.
Is he eating the spaghetti or the plate

Monday, January 11, 2016

Save At Texas De Brazil Two Ways Only On Monday January 11th

Takout Meats

Enjoy Texas de Brazil's flame-grilled meats and classic salad-area items!
Take Out
$15 Off Orders of $50 or more
$25 Off Orders $100 or more

Dine In
$25 Off the Purchase of 2 Dinners*
Valid on Monday, January 11th, 2016. For large orders, please call 24 hours in advance.

You can also get a $100 Texas de Brazil gift card at Sams for $79.99 and save even more.

Saturday, January 9, 2016

The Things I Have Done

I come to you knowing
I am unworthy of your presence
Bowing my head
In shame and sadness
The Things I Have Done

I am that man
The one who turned his back on you
Breaking rule after rule
Unable to look at myself in the mirror
The Things I Have Done

You look back at me with kindness
A teardrop rolls down my cheek
You reach out your hand to me
Knowing my heart
And The Things I Have Done

You gave your life for mine
Suffering physical and mental agony
Dying on that cross
For one such as me
For The Things I Have Done

.....My Life Is Yours!

Friday, January 8, 2016

MXQ TV Box Review

My wife bought this MXQ TV box. Sadly, I never heard of these TV boxes. I am a television fan, but obviously don't keep up with electronics. Well, we tried to use this in the upstairs TV, but we could not get an internet connection. We took it down stairs where everything is hooked up and it works perfectly. Pros are you can watch almost anything on this box. It's like cable, you have more than you would ever use. I also like the easy set up and the remote. Cons-some of the programs are still basic and have not been updated. There were a few movies which made me feel like I still had an old black and white television. For under 40 bucks, this is a cool little toy that will keep you, your wife and your kids busy for days, weeks, etc.

Set up time-less than a minute. Although it takes the thing a few minutes to update itself.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Pipes and Tubing for Many Uses

Pipes as vessel to transport liquids have been used since Roman times, when lead or clay pipes were used to carry water to its cities. Wood, steel and clay pipes have been used throughout history. Since that time, tubing and piping for commercial and industrial purposes has evolved substantially. 

In modern times, a wide variety of tubing and pipes are produced to carry a larger variety of materials. The applications for quality pipe and tubing are endless. Quality contractors and builders understand that matching the tubing to the job requires more than just measuring the length needed and the diameter necessary to carry the load. The liquid to be transported and the jobsite environmental factors play a large role in choosing the right tubing.

• Carbon Steel pipe and tubing – The most popular choice for general applications due to its high durability and cost effectiveness. It can be used in boiler applications, heat exchangers, and to transport steam. It also withstands the effects of vibration and temperature differential;

• Stainless Steel pipe – When mild corrosion and rust inhibition is a factor, stainless steel can perform the job and remain cost effective. Interior boilers waste and water treatment and desalinization plants are common applications;

• Nickel Chromium – It provides excellent protection against corrosion and can be used for many acidic chemicals. It also has a very high heat tolerance, for high temperature applications;

• Hastelloy pipe – Where severely corrosive liquids are transported, hastelloy pipe and tube are the material of choice. It can be used in industrial applications such as chemical reactors. High temperature tolerance is another advantage.

Selecting a quality tubing and pipe manufacturer can make or break a successful construction project. Premature failure of piping or tubing in a finished project can lead to disaster and costly repairs. It can also cost a construction company its reputation. Taking the time to match the job to the material is essential

The quality manufacturer will ensure that appropriate ASTM standards are followed in material production. It will also have a multi step inspection process during the manufacturing stage to eliminate potential defects. It will also manufacture its product in a number of different materials, to meet the needs of the contractor and the project at hand. It will also have a proven track record for reliability and quality. To learn more about the piping available for the next industrial project, click here.

3 Accessories to Consider Purchasing for Your New Samsung Phone

You've purchased a new Samsung phone, and as excited as you may be, you might realize that it looks exactly like everyone else's Samsung phone. Customizing your phone with accessories is a great way to make it your own and ensure that it won't get taken by someone who confused it for theirs. Gel skins for Samsung Galaxy S2, for example, serve two purposes - they give your phone a personalized look and they can help protect it against damage if dropped. Here are three phone accessories you might consider purchasing your Samsung.

Gel Skins

The best gel skins will protect your phone against scratches, dust and damage caused by drops in addition to changing its look. Choose from a range of colors, patterns and graphics, and if you're a hardcore fan of a sports team, music group or movie, chances are good there's a skin with that logo or picture waiting to be purchased. Gel skins are also known to provide added grip that prevents your phone from accidentally sliding out of your hand, and because it's built to fit your specific phone model perfectly, phone buttons will still function as intended.

Cell Phone Wallets

The size of cell phones has grown over the last few years, but not necessarily the size of clothing pockets. This means that if you used to store your phone in your back jeans pocket, that's no longer a viable option. Wallets designed for cell phones, including Samsung models, are a great alternative. They safely store your phone and prevent unwanted scratches while in your backpack or purse. Plus, it keeps your credit cards, cash and identification safely organized in one place.

Flip Covers

Your cell phone's screen may be the most important component. If it's scratched, smudged or cracked, the usefulness of the phone can be severely compromised. A flip cover attaches to your Samsung by replacing the battery cover. Fold the cover over the screen for protection and fold under when in use. Available in a variety of colors, this is one more accessory worth your consideration.

Cell phone accessories are excellent for personalizing your Samsung and protecting it as well. Gel skins, phone wallets and flip covers are available in a myriad of colors, patterns and styles, so chances of you finding the ones that suit your preferences are great. 

New Silos Offer More Protection for Business Owners

When you first hear the word silo, you might immediately think of the large metal structures that you see on farms along the side of roads in your area. Farms use silos as a way to protect grain and other food products from the weather and the moisture outside. Even the smallest amount of rain that gets inside a silo can wipe out an entire season's worth of grain. Many companies now use silos as storage tanks to protect the products they sell or pass on to consumers.

Cycle Protection

The problem that some business owners have with silos is that they need to remove some of the materials inside that silo or add extra materials to that structure. Depending on the type of material stored inside, this can lead to a variety of different problems. There is a risk that the material might break down over time or that it might separate. The newest silo storage tanks offer protection against those problems. As the business cycles through different materials, the silos will keep the materials inside from degrading or from separating. Many companies use a special type of sealant inside to protect against these problems.

Liquid Storage

One of the more common reasons why companies use these large silos is for the storage of liquid materials, which includes everything from milk and water to gasoline and hazardous chemicals. Basic silos will not offer protection for liquids. These silos can actually break down when exposed to certain types of chemicals too. Manufacturers today work with customers to show them how the metal used in the silo reacts to different materials and what they can do to prevent those reactions. They can use different types of metals or coatings to protect the structures.

Tank and Silo Combinations

Another way in which silo manufacturers changed these structures to better help customers is with a combination tank and silo. This type of structure consists of a storage tank that allows business owners to store a larger amount of materials on hand. The tank connects to the silo, which usually has some type of spigot, faucet or another component that allows workers to remove the material inside or add more materials as needed. Many systems continually fill the silo with materials from the tank. These new silos have a number of benefits for commercial companies and business owners.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Slow Down Into The New Year

The kids are back in school, the weather's cold (even a bit in Florida) and 2016 is here. I know many people make New Year's resolutions. You want to lose weight or do a better job in your life for the New Year. Here is my suggestion, slow down in the New Year.

Life is hard in many ways. You are busy getting the kids to school and back. You are trying to succeed at your job and become successful. Slow down and enjoy every moment you have with your family. Slow down and stop the anxiety and stress you may be dealing with in your job. If you are religious like I am, slow down and check out God's instructions for your life.

I walk a lot and I watch people fly through Stop Signs every day. Too many people are in a hurry to do everything they need to get done. They no longer think about other people and how their actions affect them. Slow down, stop for three seconds and think. Relax and enjoy every minute of your lives. Slow Down into the New Year.