Monday, January 25, 2016

KastKing Maxthin8 Braid Fishing Line 25 LB Review

  • KastKing MaxThin8 Superior Braid is the thinnest 8 strand braid fishing line with incredible abrasion resistance and knot strength.KastKing MaxThin Superior Braid 8-strand line is wrapped tighter and is up to 30% thinner than other brand braid lines.
  • KastKing MaxThin8 Superior braided line is super thin, super strong, and silky smooth with 8 strand braided fishing line. Perfectly round and smoother super braid fishing line for unequalled casting distance and overall fishability for saltwater or freshwater fishing.
  • A High tech manufacturing process and special formula gives KastKing MaxThin8 Superior Braid line zero memory, fantastic knot strength,silkiness,and longer, smoother casts.KastKing MaxThin8 Superior 8 strand braided fishing line has zero stretch that creates a super line with extreme sensitivity that delivers rock solid hooksets for all types of fishing.
  • The super thin diameter of KastKing MaxThin8 Superior Braid 8 stand fishing line gives more spool capacity than the competition and has less resistance to wind and water currents.KastKing MaxThin8 Braid line slices through thick vegetation, stands up to rough structure.MaxThin8's ultra-thin diameter is a fantastic braided line for deep water, swift currents, and helps reduce wind line-bowing.MaxThin8 Superior Braid line comes in tensile strengths from 16lb to 60lbs.
  • MaxThin8 Superior Braid line gives you the confidence to fish in and around the heaviest cover you can find.KastKing MaxThin8 strand braid line is perfect for a wide variety of fishing situations. Compare the specs and great performance features and value of lower cost per yard of KastKing MaxThin8 braid line to superline braid and braided fishing lines by Power Pro,PowerPro Slick 8,Sufix,Berkley,Spiderwire,Stealth,Spiderwire Ultracast,Sufix 832 or Seaguar braided line.

We reviewed this line on Youtube, showing you how easy it is to use. I was amazed at how thin and strong this line was. Doug, the man in the video believes we can catch a nice size fish on the combination reel and fishing line. It was very easy to for Doug to spool the fishing line into the new reel. He was also amazed that there was no worry about tangles. The line was amazingly strong, while easy to work with. Unlucky for us, we did this on one of the coldest days in Florida. We had a weekend of Gale winds which gave us waves 10 to 20 feet high. Can't wait to use this combination, but it depends on the weather. This time we will go after the bigger fish.

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