Wednesday, January 6, 2016

3 Accessories to Consider Purchasing for Your New Samsung Phone

You've purchased a new Samsung phone, and as excited as you may be, you might realize that it looks exactly like everyone else's Samsung phone. Customizing your phone with accessories is a great way to make it your own and ensure that it won't get taken by someone who confused it for theirs. Gel skins for Samsung Galaxy S2, for example, serve two purposes - they give your phone a personalized look and they can help protect it against damage if dropped. Here are three phone accessories you might consider purchasing your Samsung.

Gel Skins

The best gel skins will protect your phone against scratches, dust and damage caused by drops in addition to changing its look. Choose from a range of colors, patterns and graphics, and if you're a hardcore fan of a sports team, music group or movie, chances are good there's a skin with that logo or picture waiting to be purchased. Gel skins are also known to provide added grip that prevents your phone from accidentally sliding out of your hand, and because it's built to fit your specific phone model perfectly, phone buttons will still function as intended.

Cell Phone Wallets

The size of cell phones has grown over the last few years, but not necessarily the size of clothing pockets. This means that if you used to store your phone in your back jeans pocket, that's no longer a viable option. Wallets designed for cell phones, including Samsung models, are a great alternative. They safely store your phone and prevent unwanted scratches while in your backpack or purse. Plus, it keeps your credit cards, cash and identification safely organized in one place.

Flip Covers

Your cell phone's screen may be the most important component. If it's scratched, smudged or cracked, the usefulness of the phone can be severely compromised. A flip cover attaches to your Samsung by replacing the battery cover. Fold the cover over the screen for protection and fold under when in use. Available in a variety of colors, this is one more accessory worth your consideration.

Cell phone accessories are excellent for personalizing your Samsung and protecting it as well. Gel skins, phone wallets and flip covers are available in a myriad of colors, patterns and styles, so chances of you finding the ones that suit your preferences are great. 

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