Monday, January 25, 2016

KastKing Triton Dualis Revolutionary Two-speed Spinning Reel Review

  • KastKing's revolutionary Triton Dualis two speed spinning reel features precision high and low gear ratios in one fishing reel. Either gear ratio can be selected at any time. The Triton Dualis two speed reel has the advantage of using one reel for different conditions or techniques. Its low speed gear ratio with more torque covers bottom fishing and using bigger baits to pull in big fish.
  • The high speed gear ratio on the KastKing Triton Dualis two speed spinning reel is ideal for burning lures across the water at high speed or turning fish away from heavy cover quickly. You can change the gear ratio selection during the retrieve. Only a Triton Dualis two speed reel offers a double edged advantage at an affordable price.
  • A KastKing Triton Dualis spinning reel is valuable for kayak fishing, canoe fishing, or small boats; you can cut the amount of tackle on board in half by virtually having two reels on one fishing rod. It eliminates on board weight and clutter, or if space is available, Dualis doubles your fishing tackle options and puts a  high quality reel in your boat.
  • KastKing Triton Dualis performance is unmatched " two spinning reels in one! Whether you need a spinning reel for saltwater or freshwater fishing, cover all of the bases with a KastKing Triton Dualis two speed fishing reel. It's like nothing else out there!
  • Dualis reels are built with tough saltwater safe corrosion resistant components: stainless steel main shaft, 10 shielded stainless steel bearings, aluminum alloy spool and handle, and high-modulus graphite components. Dualis 4000 and 5000 fishing reels have incredible fishing power - 22 lbs. / 10 kg. of carbon fiber drag. A double bearing main shaft support prevents power robbing torsional twist and shaft misalignment, and eliminates shuddering under heavy loads.

This is a large fishing reel and fit perfectly on my deep sea fishing rod. I was able to connect it to the fishing pole very easy. Our YouTube video  took about a minute and a half. I let Doug spool the fishing line in this reel because he has smaller hands than I have. He is able to do this much easier than I can. Our plan is to take this pole reel combination to the pier in St. Petersburg when weather allows. Spooling this reel was very easy and it is the smoothest reel I have on hand now. Doug loves it too and could not stop talking about it. We look forward to catching some larger fish off the pier with this great pole, reel and line. We did not have a chance to cast it yet because it has been incredibly windy in the Tampa area lately. If you fish and like fishing, you can tell when you are handling a quality reel and this is one of them. You can buy this great reel right on AMAZON.

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