Friday, January 8, 2016

MXQ TV Box Review

My wife bought this MXQ TV box. Sadly, I never heard of these TV boxes. I am a television fan, but obviously don't keep up with electronics. Well, we tried to use this in the upstairs TV, but we could not get an internet connection. We took it down stairs where everything is hooked up and it works perfectly. Pros are you can watch almost anything on this box. It's like cable, you have more than you would ever use. I also like the easy set up and the remote. Cons-some of the programs are still basic and have not been updated. There were a few movies which made me feel like I still had an old black and white television. For under 40 bucks, this is a cool little toy that will keep you, your wife and your kids busy for days, weeks, etc.

Set up time-less than a minute. Although it takes the thing a few minutes to update itself.

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