Tuesday, January 31, 2012

And The Winners Are.....

Supreme Protein Bars-Charlene Canfield
Salsa Senorita-Cinella Reyes
Bob’s All Purpose sauce number two-Tawnya Sather
Supreme Protein Bars-Robin Scott
Supreme Protein Bars-Allison Dodge

Winners, please show the companies love on your Facebook pages, let all your friends know you are the winner.

In The Long Run, You Get What You Pay For

I learned a lesson while shopping for clothes for my kids. You get what you pay for. I try to save money whenever I can because life is expensive when you have three children. I want my children to wear the best clothes possible, but sometimes the clothes are incredibly expensive.

I bought some children's clothes from Walmart a few months ago. I got good deals on the clothing, so I was happy. The problem was the clothing wore out quickly because of the lack of quality. The clothes were cheaper, but they were thinner and my kids tore holes through the knees. I remember one time I bought a pair of shoes at K-Mart and the heal fell off in a week. I realized that sometimes cheaper is not cheaper in the long run.

Now, I try to buy quality clothes for kids at the best prices possible. I know if I buy quality, the clothes will last longer and they usually fit better too. I learned my lesson, you get what you pay for. I don't go to Walmart to buy clothes for my children any longer. They advertise better prices, but the proof is in the pudding and i'm not buying it any longer.

You've Been Sentenced and Twisted Fish Review and Giveaway 2/13/2012

McNeill Designs for Better Minds sent me You've Been Sentenced, Twisted Fish and six add-on decks for the You've Been Sentenced game to review. Let's not forget the Wheel of Chore-ture where your children spin, so they can do a chore for you. This may be the most important part of the package for my family.

Founded in 2004, McNeill Designs for Brighter Minds launched into this marketplace with a series of innovative board, card, and party games including its flagship product, the word game You’ve been Sentenced! The game has consistently been recognized by both the toy and game industry, as well as the education community, and is the recipient of numerous national awards. You've been Sentenced! has won 18 awards and is available at Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, Kohl’s and Toys R Us as well as hundreds of fine independent stores, catalogs and websites.

For ages 8 and up, 30-40 min to play, 3-10 players, with extensive rule variations available on the website.

The real fun begins when players have to read their sentences out loud and explain what they mean to the rest of players. They form the jury and vote thumbs up or down on whether the sentence and justification stand and the points are scored. 540 cards with over 2,500 words insure billions of possible sentences so the game is never repetitive and has unlimited re-play value. The six add-on decks give the game more play and adds more to the game. Don't forget to use the wheel of chore-ture! This is a very cool game to play. My son will turn 8 in March and loves board games.

Twisted Fish-Twisted Fish is a game designed for ages 6 and up. It is a variation of Go Fish with special cards thrown into the mix to spice up the game. The game has 13 unique fish characters in five cool colors. Add five zingers that allow you to break the rules. The old Go Fish becomes much better and more fun for kids and adults alike. No more yawning when your kids ask you to play Go Fish. Twisted Fish makes playing the game fun and interesting for kids and their parents. The game was recently added as one of the top 100 board games for 2011.

Our philosophy of giving back
From the earliest stages of the firm’s development, McNeill Designs for Brighter Minds has been committed to using its success to help support important charitable causes. McNeill Designs currently donates a portion of sales of the word game You’ve been Sentenced! to Success Won't Wait, Inc. a 501c3 non-profit organization that helps fight illiteracy through the distribution of books.

Monday, January 30, 2012

How I Took Clutter Out of Our Kitchen

It seems like our kitchen is always a mess. We never have enough room for all of our pots and pans and the room looks like disorganized. My wife wanted me to find some way to fix the mess because it was driving her crazy. I decided to check into buying a pot rack. I looked online and found a company called  enclume pot racks.

The site had everything I was looking for and more. I ordered a 24" wall mounted pot rack from the company and they shipped to our house for free. The enclume pot rack company was easy to deal with and their site is secure. I had no worries using my credit card because I knew my purchase would be safe. This is important when you buy something online.

The enclume pot rack company shipped the wall mounted pot rack quickly. It was at my door in no time. I came home from work, opened the package and mounted the pot rack in the perfect place in our kitchen. I was able to hang up the pots just before my wife walked through the door. She was happy with the purchase and the clutter was no longer a part of our kitchen. The wall mounted pot rack is of high quality and makes our kitchen look better than ever.

Nacho Mama Tees Review and Giveaway 2/8/2012

Nacho Mama Tees sent me a cool shirt to review. They let me pick my t-shirt and this is what I chose. It is called the Zombie Survival Plan T-Shirt. The shirt arrived in the mail and I smiled when I saw it. I was impressed with the quality of the shirt and the comfort. The Nacho Mama Tee was very soft and fit perfectly. I love it!

Nacho Mama Tees is a company who deals in a huge line of funny t-shirts. They have hundreds of styles of unique t-shirts that will have people asking you where you got yours. Their pricing is competitive, their t-shirts are high quality and they are a member of the BBB. They print their t-shirts in Rochester, NY and I am sure you could find a Nacho Mama T-shirt that you will be proud to wear

There will be two giveaways from the Crazy Dog T-Shirt company. Each will run individual and the winner will receive a $15 gift card to Crazy Dog T-Shirts. You cannot join this giveaway if you have received a promotional company from Crazy Dog in the past 90 days. They are a cool company, but they want this giveaway to be fair. If you have their shirts, you know this giveaway is for quality clothing.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Crazy Dog T-Shirts Review and Giveaway 2/8/12

Crazy Dog T-Shirts sent me a cool shirt to review. They let me pick my t-shirt and this is what I chose. It is called the Squirrel ADD T-Shirt. The shirt arrived in the mail and I smiled when I saw it. I was impressed with the quality of the shirt and the comfort. The Crazy Dog T-Shirt was very soft and fit perfectly. I love it!

Crazy Dog T-Shirts is a company who deals in a huge line of funny t-shirts. They have hundreds of styles of unique t-shirts that will have people asking you where you got yours. Their pricing is competitive, their t-shirts are high quality and they are a member of the BBB. They print their t-shirts in Rochester, NY and I am sure you could find a Crazy Dog T-Shirt that you will be proud to wear

There will be two giveaways from the Crazy Dog T-Shirt company. Each will run individual and the winner will receive a $15 gift card to Crazy Dog T-Shirts. You cannot join this giveaway if you have received a promotional company from Crazy Dog in the past 90 days. They are a cool company, but they want this giveaway to be fair. If you have their shirts, you know this giveaway is for quality clothing.

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Phix Natural Energy Drink Mix Review and Giveaway 2/8/2012

The Phix company sent me a box of their natural energy drink mix to check out. You mix the drink mix into water or into any type of drink you want to mix it into. The natural energy drink has a good flavor and gives you that boost you need. Each box contains six Phix natural energy mixes.

Phix energy is great-tasting, low in calories and improves your energy levels. The Phix company blends green teas antioxidants, energy-restoring NADH and yerba mate. They add 14 vitamins and minerals to keep you feeling healthy and happy. Phix has three flavored energy drink mixes to choose from; Citron, Tropic and Teaberry. This is a healthy energy drink that helps you with energy and keeps them colds away. I work out a lot and it is nice to be able to use a natural energy drink while i'm getting fit.

The Phix energy company is going to do a giveaway of two of their six pack boxes of energy mixes. Join this giveaway for your chance to win their delicious product. The Phix energy drink is recommended for people eighteen years of age and older.

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Sunday, January 29, 2012


Contribution by Saul Martin

This morning I woke up with the worst headache. For some reason, I couldn’t sleep last night and just knew that the next day was going to be bad. My head hurt so bad when I woke up that I couldn’t even read the Huffington Post using my CLEARwirelessinternetconnection like I do every morning. When the alarm clock went off, I got up and got some ibuprofen and went back to sleep for thirty minutes. I got up after the thirty minute snooze (the time that I usually spend reading the newspaper). I felt better, but not up to par. My head was hurting behind my eye and was still sore. The day at work was bad in the morning, because I didn’t want to be bothered by anyone. Later in the day, after more medicine, I finally started to feel better. I thought really hard about what could have kept me up the night before. I drank some new tea that my sister had given me for Christmas, but I thought it was caffeine free. Turns out, when I got home, I realized that it wasn’t! I had a does of caffeine at ten at night! That is exactly why I couldn’t sleep!

Nature's Hand Authentic Granola Review

Nature's Hand sent me two bags of their authentic granola. They gave me choices so I chose Maple Pecan and Original Vanilla Almond. The granola is cool, tasty and 100% Natural. Nature's Hand granola has no artificial colors and flavors, no preservatives, no sodium and no trans fats. This product is delicious and is very good for you.

Maple Pecan-this granola was crunchy and delicious. I loved the flavor and I appreciate Nature's Hand for sending me their healthy granola. Each serving has 140 calories, is low in fat and has a good amount of protein. They baked their first product in 1971, so this means they have been making this delicious and healthy granola for over forty years.
Original Vanilla Almond-another one of my favorite flavors. The form is thinner when it comes to this granola which makes it harder to pour in your hand, but it still tastes delicious. I love using this granola on my frozen yogurt or in smoothies. It is up to you how you eat it. My children love the flavor too. I haven't tried it as a cereal yet, but that will come tonight or tomorrow morning.

Nature's Hand began as Nature's Harvest in 1971. They started their company in Minnesota and Wisconsin and you can buy their products in many places. The company was taken over in 2005 by investors who realized they had to keep the integrity of the company together. They went from two flavors to seven, changed the packaging, but kept the recipe and the nutrition of the product in tact. Love this company and their delicious food.

UPrinting Label Stickers Giveaway 2/13/2012

 Prize Information
250 pcs. Sticker Printing for One (1) Winner of 250 label stickers
2" x 3.5"
70lb Label Matte
Front Only Printing
4 Business Days Turnaround
*Free shipping
Restriction: Limited to *US residents 18 years old and above only

  1. This giveaway is open to US residents only, 18 years old and above.
  2. No prize substitutions allowed.
  3. Winners are allowed to win once over a six-month period.
  4. Only email addresses used for the giveaway will be eligible to claim the prize.
Winner's information (name and email address) must be sent as soon as the giveaway is over (February 13-15, 2012). Those with incomplete details will be disqualified. I will email you letting you know you won and you have 24hrs. to reply.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Animals and Fish at The Florida Aquarium

The owl seemed to be grumpy when I took his picture
What do you do when a hungry fish at the Florida Aquarium wants to eat you?

The shark says I want to put you in my belly. I ask him to show me his pearly whites
He wanted to eat me, but the plexi-glass at the Florida Aquarium kept him back

The Florida Aquarium Visit With Pictures

My five year old daughter and I went on her school field trip to the Florida Aquarium

It was a fun day
The place was crowded with other children from other schools on field trips
My daughter wants to move into the Florida Aquarium
She had the time of her life with her friends and school mates
The day was worth it

We can't wait until we go back to the Florida Aquarium
how you enjoyed our show, more pictures to come soon

Thursday, January 26, 2012

My Whole Family Has a Sweet Tooth

My children love candy. My son loves chocolate bars and my daughter loves lollipops. I also love chocolate bars, the more the merrier is my motto. We all love the holidays that have something to do with candy. My children love to go trick or treating on Halloween, they love Valentines Day and they love all they chocolate bunnies they get on Easter Sunday.

We love to wait until after the holidays and search out the stores who deeply discount their candy. Target usually puts their candy on discount for 90 percent and we load up. My son and I grab all the chocolate we can handle and my daughter makes sure we get her some lollipops. We are one of those families who just can't get enough of our sweets. Our dentist hates it, but we believe it is worth the risk.

I know by now, you think my family is nuts for loving candy, but don't worry. We love chocolate bars with nuts in them too. We aren't picky. My son loves his dark chocolate the best and I love milk chocolate. My daughter likes chocolate too, but she would rather spend her time enjoying a delicious lollipop. Stop by our house sometime and we will offer you a treat. you won't be sorry.

Florida Aquarium

My five year old daughter and I will be taking a trip to the Florida Aquarium tomorrow. We have never been there and she is excited. I am a chaperon for her class at St. Stephen Catholic School and she looks at is as a day with her dad. I also look at it as a day with my daughter.

I have heard about the Florida Aquarium, but have never been there. We will be taking pictures and will post them to this blog sometime soon. I am looking forward to this trip nearly as much as my little girl. It isn't everyday you get to spend the day with your daughter while she is in school.

Will let you know what we think about the Florida Aquarium. I hope it is as nice as I've been told. Better get to sleep and get rested up, tomorrow I spend all day with a large class full of kindergarten children on their field trip....

Shadow Of Someone I Used To Know

This is Poetry I Wrote Many Years Ago

a shadow walks into my house
this morning
a shadow of someone
I used to know

I look at her and it breaks my heart
to see her lost
in anothers arms
to see her so so far away

she still has that special way with me
I want her more than anything
but it's hard to love 
a shadow
of someone who's gone astray

and all I have left
is a shadow
of someone
I used to know.......

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Do Small Business Marketing The Right Way

You are a local business with an internet site and you know nothing about local SEO. You want to compete with other local businesses and you want to advertise online. I have been there and done that. It's a hard thing to do when you do it by yourself. It doesn't matter if you have a website, you need to learn how to get people to the site. How can you advertise to local people who don't know about your business if they do not know where to find you. Maybe your website is too basic and you need an expert to look at it and make it look more professional.

Maybe it's time for you to call a company who understands the internet better than you. They can get your business noticed through relevant online exposure. The world is changing and the internet is becoming the way to market your business. This small business marketing move may be the most important move of your life. It can be the move that will make your business the success you always dreamed of.

It is time to make that phone call and hire a company who can put your business at the top of the list. Let ECR do the work for you. They know everything about computers and they know how to make your business advertising successful. Sit back and let the experts do the hard work for you. Spend your time getting to know your local customers and show them you are the best at what you do.

ECR is an American company that cares about America. They do not outsource any of their work and they want your business to become the success you dreamed about all of your life. Take the next step in advertisement and watch your business grow into the future. You need it and you deserve it.

Eternal Pain

A Shadow follows
As a secret unfolds
darkness swallows
A man whole

He screams out
In agony
He thought this was the path
That would set him free

Fire ungulfs
What his heart bestows
Endless destruction
Falls upon his soul

The dragon tears
The man's flesh to threads
He is no longer alive
And yet, he is still not dead

The man begs for mercy
He in unheard
Nobody listens
To his empty words

He is a pawn
In an endless reign
Of fire and brimstone
He is the king of eternal pain

Why You Should Drop Your LinkedIn Account

LinkedIn supports President Obama and all of his failed policies

LinkedIn does not care about America's future

LinkedIn puts together a Town Hall Meeting for President Obama

Obama and LinkedIn Connect

Obama to provide $3 Billion in support to Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt

President Obama used LinkedIn to get elected. LinkedIn supports Obama in everything he does. Therefore, I  have dropped my account with LinkedIn. President Obama has taken America down the wrong road and it is time for us to turn back to our roots. It is time to restore our future.

I know not everybody out there is a Republican, I don't care. Anybody with eyes can see the problems President Obama has put our country into. The unemployment rate is horrible, the economy is a mess and our future is going down the drain.

Here is a link of an article I wrote on Yahoo News about Mitt Romney. I believe Romney has the best chance to beat Obama and he is a conservative. Our children are our future, don't let President Obama take their future away from them.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My First Small Business Administration Loan

I was nervous when I went to the bank to apply for my first SBA Loan. I didn't know what to expect and it felt strange knowing somebody was going to check into my credit history. I wanted to open a baseball card shop because it had always been my dream. However, I wasn't sure if I was ready to acquire a loan.

I entered the bank and my body felt clammy. I shouldn't have so nervous, but I was. The bank manager talked to me himself and this made me even more nervous. I was trying to get a ten thousand dollar Small Business Administration Loan and I was doubtful about my chances. The bank manager was cheerful, nice and friendly. He asked me some questions and had me fill out the loan application.

I left the bank in about an hour with the cashiers check for ten thousand dollars. My credit was good enough and my standing in the community passed the test. The process was not as hard as I expected, but it was still nerve racking. I rented a shop and started the business of my dreams. I bought and sold baseball cards and other types of sports memorabilia for the next few years. Thanks to the bank and my past credit history, I was able to live my dream. Eventually the shop closed and my position in life changed, but I enjoyed every moment I had living my dream in the sports card business. I thank the bank for giving me my first Small Business Administration Loan.

I am participating in a blogger campaign by Bucks2Blog for SBA Loans and
was compensated. However, the views and opinions are my own.

Spending Time With Your Kids

When you stay at home with your kids, you are lucky  because you get to spend time with them. Your children are also lucky  because they get to spend time with you. Here are some tips to remember.

Enjoy each hug and kiss because your children grow up too fast

Correct, but try not to yell, you don't want your children to be insecure

Pray for your kids every day

Pray with your kids every day, in this world we need all the prayer we can get

Eat dinner with your children as often as you can

Let your children share with you what happened in school

play games with your children

board games are fun
play video games with your children, so you know what they are playing\
sports are fun and give your children the exercise they need

I'm not an expert on how you should treat your children. My children have been teaching me these things since the moment they were born. The more I learn from them, the closer the bond is between us. God bless all and have a happy day.

Monday, January 23, 2012

A Beautiful Yard Makes My Wife Happy

My wife likes a beautiful yard and I enjoy the work. When she told me she wanted an arbor, I had no idea what it was. I looked online and figured it out. She wanted something else to beautify our yard. I believe yard work is fun, but I leave ordering products online to my wife. She found a perfect site where she could buy yard arbors and ordered the best one for our yard.

The product came to our house later in the week. It was an impressive piece of art work. My wife bought one of the huge wooden arbors off the website and I must say, I was impressed. I set it up for her and filled the yard with all of the beautiful flowers she asked me to plant. The yard looked so nice I decided to finish the job.

Yesterday, I planted a nice queen palm on either side of the wood arbor and it looks perfect. When my wife came home from work, she was impressed with my work. Now, she has other jobs for me to do around the yard. I don't mind because yard work helps me keep my sanity with the job I have to go to every day. If you are ever in Florida, you'll have to stop by and check it out sometime.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sadly, Paterno Dies from Lung Cancer Today at 85

Sadly, coach Paterno died from lung cancer today at the age of 85. Paterno was long time coach of the Penn State Nittany Lions college football team for many years until a sex scandal ended his career abruptly this year. Joe Paterno was the head coach and his assistant coach was Jerry Sandusky.

Jerry Sandustky was indicted on charges of molesting at least eight boys and there was a witness. He is likely to go to jail, but Joe Paterno paid a bigger price, he passed away, unable to fight off lung cancer. Penn State now has to find a way to honor Joe Paterno right in the middle of this sex molestation case.

The death of Joe Paterno is sad news for Penn State, his family and all the fans. Don't remember what Paterno did not do during this horrible child molestation case, remember him as a good coach who got caught up in the middle of a terrible situation. God rest Joe Paterno and if Jerry Sandusky really did what his is accused of, may they throw the book at him. Condolences go out to the Paterno family and friends.

Giants Beat 49ers in Overtime, Play Patriots in Super Bowl 46

Now we know who will play the Patriots in Super Bowl 46. The NY Giants beat the San Francisco 49ers in overtime 20-17 today an look forward to a rematch with the Pats. The Patriots want to get revenge over the Giants, but the Giants have very good defense and Eli Manning is playing like a superstar.

The Giants beat the Patriots in Super Bowl 42 and ruined the Patriots unbeaten streak. Tom Brady is surely seeking revenge for that defeat, while Eli Manning is seeking his second Super Bowl victory and surpassing his brother. If Eli wins, he would be the head honcho over his brother Peyton when it comes to Super Bowl wins.

I look forward to Super Bowl 46 because it should be exciting. I think the Giants might win, but I would not be unhappy if the Patriots pull another Super Bowl victory out. Go Giants and Go Patriots, give us an exciting Super Bowl on February 5, 2012

The New Innovation in Hand Dryers

I remember a few years ago watching all the television commercials for Dyson vacuum cleaners. They have the best vacuum cleaners in the market and they last for a very long time. When you buy a Dyson vacuum cleaner, you know your cleaning job just got that much easier. Dyson has been in the vacuum cleaner business for many years and have been a leader in the industry for a long time.

Dyson has decided to use this same innovation with their airblade hand dryers business. They checked out the other hand dryers and decided they could do a better job. They came up with the airblade hand dryer to replace all other hand dryers. You know how it is when you go into a restroom and the hand dryer just doesn't do the job. Dyson has gone one step better with their dyson hand dryers. They have perfected the hand dryer and even made it so it is more economical.

They dyson airblade hand dryers are considered the best hand dryers in the business. Not only are they the best of all hand dryers (bar none), they are better for the environment than any other hand dryer out there. When you go to another restroom, check out the hand dryer. If it says Dyson on it, you know you are drying your hands with the best hand dryer in the business. If it doesn't, let the place know about Dyson hand dryers.

Is Your Office Playing Super Bowl Squares?

The Super Bowl is almost here. Many offices play Super Bowl Squares. You want to play the game, but you are not sure how it works. Go Here to learn how to play Super Bowl Squares.

The short version of Super Bowl Squares. There are 100 squares, you pay a price to pick your square. If your numbers come up in either quarter of the Super Bowl, you win. It is a fun game to play at your office or with your friends.

If you want to know how to play Super Bowl Squares, you found the right place. Enjoy Super Bowl 46 with you and yours.

The Patriots Win and Head To Their Seventh Super Bowl

The Patriots beat the Baltimore Ravens 23-20 today in an incredible game. Lee Evan's gets stripped of a sure TD pass that would have won the game for the Ravens. Pro Bowl kicker Billy Cundiff misses an easy 32 yard field goal to send the game to overtime. The Patriots win a close one and head to another Super Bowl.

If you don't like the New England Patriots, you probably don't care. I like Tom Brady and the Patriots, they are an awesome team. In fact, the Patriots are the only professional team I do like from that area. I think they do things right for football and the NFL.

Who will they play in Super Bowl 46? We will find this out in a few hours, it will be either the NY Giants or the San Francisco 49ers. I like both teams, but it would be cool to watch a rematch between the Patriots and the Giants.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Searching For That Perfect New Mailbox

We decided to fix up the house. We did spring cleaning and fixed everything that needed fixing. We replaced the dishwasher and washing machine. We replaced the carpet with brand new wood floors and we painted the outside of our house. We did all of this remodeling ourselves and saved a ton of money. Everything was looking nice, but too nice.

Now we had to clean up our yard and add new flower beds. After all of our hard work, our home was looking beautiful. That is except for our old mailbox that had been dented by one of the neighborhood kids a year ago. We needed a new mailbox to complete our project. My wife wanted to buy a nice new victorian wall mailbox and mount it on our porch. The only problem was our community would not allow this type of mailbox. They wanted us to have a mailbox next to the road just like all our neighbors mailboxes.

My wife saw some cool victorian mailboxes that would meet our community requirements. We looked through the website she found and found the perfect mailbox for our home. My wife was looking through victorian pedestal mailboxes and found one she could not live without. We bought the new mailbox and placed it next to the road. Now our home looks perfect and meets the requirements of our neighborhood. Amazingly, I actually like the new mailbox and realize my wife picked the perfect one for our newly remodeled house.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Tampa is The Most Stressful City in America

I live in the Tampa area. Today I read on Yahoo that Tampa is the most stressful city in America. This makes me think, maybe there is no hope for us. In November we were rated the saddest city in America. Is Yahoo trying to tell us something. They tell us we have the highest rate of suicide and marriages don't work in Tampa.

I'm not really in the mood to buy a gun and shoot myself or divorce my wife. I love my children and we love the warm weather here in Tampa. I know Yahoo has to report the news, but give us a break. We have nice weather, we have beaches and a bunch of cool things to do in our area. We are loaded with amusement parks.

Thank you Yahoo for making me both depressed and sad with your timely reports. Yes the Bucs ended the season with a 4-12, losing eight straight. Yes, the unemployment rate in this area sucks, but we are not all unhappy. There is not something in the water that makes people want to kill themselves and divorce their wives and husbands. We just happen to be the lucky people who are on the bottom of your statistics.

I think I figured it out. We are the most depressing and saddest city in America because all of those people from New York and Boston keep moving here and bringing their grumpiness with them. I see them at the Rays games and they are always so angry. Don't get too happy Detroit, your place is not so happy either.

The Most Depressing Cities

1)Tampa/St. Petersburg-Thanks for that oil spill BP, we appreciate it

2) Las Vegas-this is what happens when you keep losing money

3) Miami-half the people living there aren't even American

4) Jacksonville-Tebow leaves Jacksonville and the whole city falls apart, somebody from the Middle-East buys the Jaguars and tells the fans they are not real fans unless they buy season tickets

5) Detroit-This place has been depressing for years, this is what happens when you cannot figure out how to beat Ohio State

Lost Spirits

Hiding Between Worlds
Unable to Rest
Searching For a Familiar Place
To Call Home

Lost in a Dimension
Angry, Fearful, Crying
Hungry For Love

Not Alive
Surrounded By Demons
Tearing at Rotting Flesh

Pain Personified
Hell Just a Step Away
Hoping Against Hope

Seeking to Share
Pain and Horror
Trying to Touch Someone

A Sense of Loss

Locked Out
Thrown in a Dungeon of Despair
A Ghost, A Vampire
A Restless Soul

Trying To Find a Place
To Call Home

With No Hope.....

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Pray For Me Today (Haiku)

Pray For Me Today
I'll Pray For You Tomorrow
And We Will Both Live..........Forever

Beautiful Children (Haiku)

Beautiful Children
I Pray When They Are Asleep
Watch Over Them Lord......

Advertise the Right Way

We all know it is important to advertise our business. The problem is if you don't pick the right advertising agency, you are back at the beginning. Your business is slow and you are going nowhere fast. This is the problem many businesses have when they start out. They are so excited about their business, they make the wrong decisions and everything falls apart.

That Advertising Company does advertising right. They use all the tools in the business to advertise your business and help make you a success. The company has won numerous awards for their work including Florida's Governor 2010 Entrepreneurial Major-Market Company of the Year, Inc 500 Company 2011 and 2010 Addy Award Winner. They have won the awards for their great service and are ready to prove to you they can help you succeed.

That Advertising Company began with internet advertising and they use internet advertising to help business succeed in their particular markets. They have a team of highly skilled advertising people who use every avenue to make their clients a success in their business markets. The proof is in the pudding and That Advertising Company has proved they can help businesses succeed. Let them help your company reach for success into the future.

If you have a business that needs to perk things up, you came to the right place. You have found that advertising agency you have been looking for all this time. Check them out and watch as they help you succeed beyond your wildest dreams. That Advertising Company is the right advertising agency for you and your business.

SuperFood Snacks Review and Giveaway 2/3/2012

SuperFood Snacks sent me a bog of Chocolate Goji Treats. They meant to send me another bag of their products, but they were out of stock. Superfood is just how it sounds, they are healthy and tasty snacks. The Chocolate Goji treats have a unique flavor that tastes very good. I also noticed when I was finished eating the treat, I received a huge burst of flavor at the end. Below are the ingredients in these tasty treats. Beware, these treats have and/or are around nuts, so if you are allergic, you might want to stay away from the snacks.

Ingredients: (Chocolate Goji Treats)chocolate goji treat nuggetOrganic Clear Agave Nectar*, Organic Goji Berries*, Organic Cacao Powder*,Organic Walnuts*, Organic Hunza Raisins*, Organic Coconut*, Organic Dates*,Organic Sesame Seeds*, Organic Sunflower Seeds*, Organic Black Sesame Seeds*, Organic Maca Root Powder*,  Organic Vanilla Powder*, Organic Cinnamon*, Selina Naturally Hawaiian Deep Sea SaltOrganic Cayenne Pepper*.
(*Raw & Organic ingredient)
Allergen Alert:  Manufactured in a facility that processes products containing nuts (peanuts, tree nuts).
May contain tiny date pits, shell fragments, or natural mineral matter.

The SuperFoods Snacks company is a pretty cool company. They make natural and tasty snacks that are packaged in biodegradable material. They say on their website that their organic raw chocolate superfood line is packaged in the very first ever-printed package that is made with NatureFlex TM non-gmo, sustainably sourced, 100% biodegradable and compostable materials.  They are the pioneers in the food industry to deliver our delicious superfood products in sustainable packaging. So if you like Green and saving the environment, this is the company for you.

The company is located in Kauai, Hawaii-Their products are made naturally with the best ingredients, they are Vegan, Gluten free and a member of HOFA (Hawaii Organic Farmers Association. They care about the environment and are a group of very friendly, easy to deal with people. Aloha from SuperFood Snacks.

The Giveaway is for two bags of SuperFood Snacks  Chocolate Goji Treats (maybe another bag of another flavor if I can talk the company into this)

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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A Funny Story About Plumbing Problems

I lived in a log home in Indiana about ten years ago. My wife moved here from the Philippines, we were married and moved in together. The log home was a nice place with four acres of land and a beautiful scenic view. The first couple of months were fine and then the fun began.

The plumbing problems started in the dead of night. The first thing that happened was the toilet wouldn't flush. I had to use a plunger to get the toilet to flush, but this only worked the first few times. After the first week, things got worse and worse. One day I was taking a shower and raw sewage began to seep out of all of the drains and even the tub drain.

I knew my plumbing was shot and I had to do something fast. I called a friend who knew a reliable plumber. He came out to our house and fixed the problems. Our whole system was stuffed up and some of the pipes had burst. Our house was a mess and we were stressed out. Not a good way to begin your marriage.

Finally, we thought the problems were over. We were in for a surprise. Our plumbing worked great, but something else made it into our house during the disaster. One day I went to visit my friend and we took a drive. My wife called me with a strange story. She saw a huge snake in the stove. I thought she was joking.

I left what I was doing and rushed home. Sure enough, a snake had made it into our stove. He was large and had wound himself into the the stove. I had no plans to stick my hands in the stove to remove the snake. I decided to end this mess right now. I disconnected the stove, opened the back door and pushed the stove out. I bought a new stove and brought the old one to the dump once the occupant left for a better place to live. I learned a lesson from this disaster, fix your plumbing problems correctly before they get out of hand.

I am participating in a blogger campaign for Bucks2Blog about plumbing and was compensated. However, the views and opinions are my own.