Thursday, January 26, 2012

My Whole Family Has a Sweet Tooth

My children love candy. My son loves chocolate bars and my daughter loves lollipops. I also love chocolate bars, the more the merrier is my motto. We all love the holidays that have something to do with candy. My children love to go trick or treating on Halloween, they love Valentines Day and they love all they chocolate bunnies they get on Easter Sunday.

We love to wait until after the holidays and search out the stores who deeply discount their candy. Target usually puts their candy on discount for 90 percent and we load up. My son and I grab all the chocolate we can handle and my daughter makes sure we get her some lollipops. We are one of those families who just can't get enough of our sweets. Our dentist hates it, but we believe it is worth the risk.

I know by now, you think my family is nuts for loving candy, but don't worry. We love chocolate bars with nuts in them too. We aren't picky. My son loves his dark chocolate the best and I love milk chocolate. My daughter likes chocolate too, but she would rather spend her time enjoying a delicious lollipop. Stop by our house sometime and we will offer you a treat. you won't be sorry.

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