Thursday, January 26, 2012

Florida Aquarium

My five year old daughter and I will be taking a trip to the Florida Aquarium tomorrow. We have never been there and she is excited. I am a chaperon for her class at St. Stephen Catholic School and she looks at is as a day with her dad. I also look at it as a day with my daughter.

I have heard about the Florida Aquarium, but have never been there. We will be taking pictures and will post them to this blog sometime soon. I am looking forward to this trip nearly as much as my little girl. It isn't everyday you get to spend the day with your daughter while she is in school.

Will let you know what we think about the Florida Aquarium. I hope it is as nice as I've been told. Better get to sleep and get rested up, tomorrow I spend all day with a large class full of kindergarten children on their field trip....

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