Wednesday, October 7, 2015

MadBite Multi Function Stainless Steel Fishing Pliers Scissors Braid Cutters Hook Removers Fishing Line Cutters Review

So everybody knows, this is how my reviews work. I will copy information about the product from Amazon, so you get the information from the companies own mouth about the product I will add a picture, then I will give you an opinion about the product in my own words. I think it is important to have the information from the company and an unbiased opinion, so you know the most about each particular product.

  • Pocket size Lightweight and easy to carry or store scissors fishing line cutter
  • Easy to clean ABS construction with stainless steel micro serrated blade
  • Easily cuts through monofilament, copolymer, fluorocarbon even smaller diameter braided fishing line
  • Corrosion resistant stainless steel fold away blade and lightweight durable ABS handle
  • Retractable lanyard included to attach to clothing or fishing vest.

I'm always in need of a pair of scissors when fishing. You'd be amazed how many times your line gets stuck and you need to cut it off, so you can get back to the more important thing you came there for, fishing. These are tiny enough to fit in your pocket or in your tackle box. They are stainless steel and makes it likely they won't rust. In Florida I use a strong plastic tackle box because of all the salt water. I found that I kept these in my pocket the entire time I was fishing. They cut easily and were likely the most handy thing I had with me the last time I went fishing. This is a reasonable price for a useful tool. One tip, don't give them to a friend to use or you may not get them back until you ask for them. I haven't decided if I like the thing you can hook to your clothes or not yet. I still just keep it in my pocket for the convenience.


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