Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Sending Flowers By Post Can Make Your Woman Smile

Like most women, my wife loves flowers. I remember the first time I sent her flowers. She was living in the Philippines and I was living in Indiana. Her friend had just received flowers and she was a little jealous. She asked me why I didn't send her flowers. I told her we lived ten thousand miles away and I had no idea how to send flowers by postal flower service. Our conversation ended with her still being sad and me trying to figure out how to send her flowers.

I spent the rest of the days figuring out how to send flowers to a woman in the Philippines while I was living in Indiana. I checked out a whole bunch of florist, but none of them sent flowers to Cebu in the Philippines. I finally decided to make a search on Google to find a florist in the Philippines. I found a couple of florists and then I had to find out how to get in touch with them.

I had to buy a phone card to call the florist which I found at the local Chinese store. I called the florist, but I messed up the first time and the call did not go through. I finally got an answer on the third or forth time. I told the florist what I wanted and they asked me for my credit card information. Good thing the people at the florist actually spoke English. The flowers were delivered the next day and my future wife was happy.

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