Monday, March 5, 2012

The Death of Dale Horvath on The Walking Dead

If you are like me, you are a fan of the television series The Walking Dead on AMC. I'm the parent who stays up after the kids are asleep to watch the zombie show. I believe it is a cool and creep show. This week, Dale Horvath was killed by a zombie. Dale was the old guy who had the camper. He was the guy who believed in saving human lives in a world where zombies ruled.

The rest of this show is going to be interesting because one of the most conservative members of the zombie survivors is gone. Dale was shot in the head to put him out of misery because the zombie opened up his innards and made it impossible for him to survive. His friends must now live without him, live with the thought they caused his death and live with the realization that they had to put their friend out of his misery. Hopefully, they will burn his body, so he won't come back as a zombie and cause them to have to kill him a second time.

Luck for me, I was asked to review a costume on I will be a Walking Dead zombie next Halloween when I accompany my children as they trick or treat. This is the costume I will be reviewing. I look forward to it. If I stop by your house, please don't shoot me.

We will miss Dale Horvath on The Walking Dead. God Rest his zombie eaten corpse.

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