Wednesday, March 14, 2012

We Needed A Plumber Now

I was sitting on the couch downstairs watching television. I heard screaming upstairs. I ran upstairs because my daughter and my wife were in the master bathroom screaming. I thought something serious was happening, so I took the steps two at a time. When I reached the bedroom, I realized the situation was serious, but not life threatening. My five year old daughter had ripped the tub handle and spout almost completely off the wall. Water was spraying everywhere. We needed a plumber now before our entire bathroom became a sloppy mess.

We called a local one hour plumbing company and told them the situation. They said they had a plumber in the neighborhood and he would be there soon. My daughter was hysterical, my wife was grumpy and I was in shock. How could a five year old little girl destroy our bathroom plumbing with just one yank? While I was thinking, there was a knock on the door. The plumber was here and he was ready to work. I showed him the problem and he chuckled to himself. "You must have one strong little girl" he whispered to me.

The plumber looked at the problem, gave me an estimate and went to work. His first step was to shut off the water. The plumber went to work and finished the job in a little over an hour. He walked out of our bathroom with a smile on his face and a little dusty. We looked at our bathtub, it looked brand new and ready to go. We paid the bill, the plumber thanked us and was on his way. From that moment on my ideas about plumbers completely changed. We found somebody who actually cared about us and our situation. It was a great feeling.

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