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Case Of Beanitos Chips Review and Giveaway 3/23/2012

The Beanitos Company sent me a case of their Bean Chips. They sent me a single serve case of four types of bean chips;
Chipotle BBQ-just spicy enough to give you that chipotle flavor you love
Pinto Beans-a satisfying taste in a real bean chip-enough flavor to satisfy any chip lover
Black Bean-you like black beans, you'll love these chips
Cheddar Cheese-these are my second favorite-they have a great cheese taste and are healthy for you too. This one is a great one for children who love cheddar cheese, like my five year old daughter.

I like all of the Beanitos chips, but I love the Chipotle BBQ. The chips are corn free, they are full of flavor and they are good for you. They are also Gluten Free, High Fiber, High Protein, Non-GMO and Low Certified Glycemic, they also have a good taste. They also have 6 grams of dietary fiber which is unlike all of those unhealthy chips you buy in the store.
Now is the time to grab a bag of chips that are healthy for you. Beanitos are chips made by serious snackers for serious snackers. Each single serve bag is 1.25 ounce and have less than one gram of saturated fat. The chips are made from whole black beans, whole grain rice and many other natural ingredients that are good for you. These chips are also filled with Omega-3 fatty acids. I like this company because they make healthy chips and they spread the word about how important our health is and how important it is to know what really is in the snacks we eat.

** Beanitos New Single-Serve Bags Hit The Shelves **
AUSTIN, TEXAS – With Beanitos Bean Chips® new single-serve bag, big nutrition now comes in a
small package. The new single-serve bag packs a whopping 6 grams of complete protein and 6 grams
of fiber. Just compare that to the average single-serve bag of potato chips that contains only 2 grams
of protein and 1 gram of fiber. Dave Foreman, Beanitos Co-Founder & President commented,
“With our new single-serve bags we’re able to deliver a healthy snack to places like schools, vending
machines, delis & sandwich shops, hotels and convenience stores. Snacking should be a healthful
bridge of satiety between meals, and Beanitos provides a long over-due new healthy option in the
grab-and-go, single-serve category, one that keeps you fuller, longer.”
All four flavors – Black Bean, Pinto Bean & Flax, Chipotle BBQ and Cheddar Cheese Pinto Bean –
are gluten-free, corn-free, low glycemic, non-GMO and available in the new single-serve 1.25 oz. bag
with a suggested retail price of $1.29.
Foreman continued, “In the past a bag of chips meant a load of empty calories, fat and salt, but with
Beanitos Bean Chips, it means a snack that exceeds the new FDA guidelines which focuses
on the quality of calories consumed for people making smarter food choices. We’re happy that
Beanitos can make a healthful, on-the-go snack alternative available right where and when
consumers need them. We call it: ‘PurposefulFULL Snacking!’™ ”
About Beanitos
Beanitos, Inc. produces and distributes Beanitos brand bean chips — great-tasting, natural and healthful
snack chips. The company is dedicated to the research and development of delicious and innovative allnatural
healthful food products centered on the powerfully nutritious yet humble legume. Beanitos is an
Austin, Texas-based company, formed in 2009 by brothers Doug and Dave Foreman, who together have
more than 60 years of food industry experience, primarily focused on the better-for-you and natural
snacks space. Learn more at www.Beanitos.com.

The giveaway is for a full box of the Beanitos bean chips. This includes all four flavors. You will like them all and you will find your favorite flavor that you will love as much as I love the Chipotle BBQ. 

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