Saturday, March 31, 2012

Dealing With The Cheap Mailboxes in Our Neighborhood

I wish our neighborhood mailboxes were just like the apartment mailboxes we had when we lived in an apartment. The mailman continues to slam our mailbox door and it no longer wants to shut correctly. We moved into a new community and they did whatever it took to save money. This includes the mailboxes and everything else to do with the house. I know we will eventually have to change our mailbox because of its cheap design.

At out apartment we had nice commercial mailboxes. They were set up in one place and each person went to that particular place to collect their mail. The mailboxes were made better and they looked like they would last a lifetime. A good commercial mailbox is much better than the mailboxes they set us up with in our new neighborhood. It is a shame the builder was so cheap.

What makes matters worse is we have to pay a monthly fee and the community does absolutely nothing to keep the neighborhood looking good. If you have anything out of place, they complain and warn you immediately. Half the time, the neighborhood lights do not even work. It is a shame they didn't at least set up cluster mailboxes to make our neighborhood look neater and more organized. I guess we should have thought about this before we decided to move in.

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