Thursday, March 22, 2012

Another Way To Get A Small Loan When You Need It

The economy sucks, so sometimes you need a little extra cash before payday. Little Payday is one of those places you can get a small loan up to a thousand dollars to hold you over. I'm not one who likes to take loans, but we all run short sometimes. The way the economy is now, we have times when we can hardly keep up with our bills. My salary has been cut by 40 percent since the economy fell apart in Florida and times are hard.

I remember one time I went into a local bank hoping for one of their small loans and they nearly laughed at me. They wanted to know what type of collateral I had to secure the loan. They took a peak at my credit and my salary and told me I was not qualified. I work hard, but it was not good enough for the local bank. They have taken too many hits with all of the recent foreclosures and the banks no longer trust the average person.

Little Pay does not do credit checks. They are the best way to get a short term loan because they work with thousands of lenders who are ready to approve the average person for a loan. Eighty percent of the people who try to get a loan with them are approved. If I need another small loan in the future, I now know where to turn for help.

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