Thursday, March 8, 2012

My Five Year Old Daughter Loves Designer Clothes

It seems like we are always shopping for children's clothing. I have a five year old girl and a seven year old son. They seem to grow out of their clothes on a daily basis. My son is always getting stains on his clothes and my daughter love to write all over her clothing with pens and markers. I do my best to watch them and stop them, but they always find a way to make a mess.

My daughter loves to dress up. She loves dresses and all sorts of designer clothes. When she dresses up, she takes better care of her clothing. I like to buy her designer clothes because she takes better care of them. She likes to look beautiful and look at herself in the mirror. I like the clothes you can buy from Kiko Kids. The clothes are nice and my daughter looks great in them. She also likes the dresses from Buho because they make her look like a princess.  Better yet, she doesn't write on these clothes because they are beautiful.

On the other hand, I cannot get my son to try on any kind of designer clothing. He is the type of boy who likes to run around in shorts, socks and a t-shirt. He tells me that good clothes are uncomfortable. I try to tell him there are good clothes that are comfortable and look good, but he isn't buying it. I think this is normal because I remember being just like my son when I was a little boy.

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