Thursday, May 31, 2012

It Is Finished (Poetry)

I look in the sky
And see a roaring storm
Coming towards me
Its power makes me gasp in fear
A black horse
Gallops through the dark clouds
Its eyes gleaming red
With fury
A creature rides the horse

He is demon personified
Horns protrude from his head
The smell of death seeps from him
He sneers at me
Spittle drops down on the earth
Like pouring rain
In search of destruction
I fall on to me knees
Desperate for a savior
Anxiety lingers
With my heart and my soul
Someone like a Son of Man
Races through the clouds
Riding a great white horse
His eyes light up the sky
I hear thunder
As lightening roars across the sky
And tears through the demon
And his horse
I see fire
And smell burning flesh
The earth opens up
And devours the storm in one huge bite
The Son of Man
Opens his arms wide open,
the storm disappears
And is replaced by a beautiful rainbow
I remember God
I remember my Savior
I remember the promise
Of a new day in heaven

A Summer Home In Vegas

My sister and I wanted to take a trip to Las Vegas. She is talking about buying a summer home and she believes Las Vegas would be a cool place for us to visit every year. We took a plane to Vegas and decided to check the place out. We both gambled a little just to say we spent time is a Vegas casino. We checked out a buffet or two and watched a show. We enjoyed our trip, it was a great time.

The other part of our trip had to do with checking out a vacation home for our two families. We knew about the decline in property values in Vegas through the news and decided we could get a really good deal. We decided we could pick up a great property through a short sale and looked for a vegas bankruptcy lawyer. We found somebody who was recommended by a friend and proceeded to check out some properties.

The lady was very nice and helpful. She showed us some really nice properties in the Las Vegas area. There are a couple of properties that fit our budget and our needs. We look forward to the day we actually close on a property in Las Vegas. Buying a summer home is a dream my sister has had for years. She wants to turn the place into a bread and breakfast place of her own.

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The Lord is My Rock Poetry Psalm 18

The Lord is my rock
When I am anxious
He fills my heart
And comforts my soul

I am led to the waters
of righteousness by his love
His strength and understanding
guide me through each day

The dark storms of life
Have no power over me
His light is a beacon
down the straight and narrow path

When I am weary
He picks me up
When I am vulnerable to the sins of the world
God fills my soul with His will

The Lord is my rock
I will build my life on His word
and this stress filled life will quickly fade away
into eternal life with Him

Preparing For Hurricane Season in Florida

It's that time of the year again, hurricane season. This year, we have decided we need to prepare better than we have in the past. We bought a portable generator and a solar powered battery charger in case our electricity is knocked out during a hurricane. We already lost our power for two hours a couple of weeks ago in our neighborhood. One of the transformers went back and our family was left in the dark. We don't want this to happen to us during hurricane season.

Preparing for hurricane season in Florida is very important. We are right in the middle of the action. Hurricanes go by every year and sometimes come to Florida for a visit. When they come, they leave all sorts of damage and destruction. You can even get hit by tornadoes that spur from the hurricanes. Even if you don't feel the full brunt from the hurricane, often you get a taste of high winds and heavy rain.

We make sure we buy at least ten cases of drinking water, canned goods and other supplies in preparation each and every year. We have lived in Florida for ten years, we have not been hit directly by a hurricane, but we have felt affects from hurricanes as they passed by. We plan to be prepared if a hurricane hits our area directly because hurricane preparation can save your life.

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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Race to School- Part One of a Chapter Book

"Kyle and Khloe, it's time to get up." Emily looked at the clock, it was 7:03 AM and Catholic school started at 8:00 AM sharp. Emily put the children's clothes out and jumped into the shower. She was done washing in five minutes and both children were still sleeping. "Kyle and Khloe, get up now!" Mom yelled. "I'm tired" Khloe said. "Me too" Kyle agreed. "Why don't we all stay home from school today?"
"That's not going to happen." Emily said. "Get out of bed and get your clothes on. Good thing the children showered last night because it was nearly impossible to get them ready in the morning. The children finally jumped out of bed and put on their clothes. It was 7:20 by the time they were ready to go downstairs.
"Hurry up" Jim said. He rushed his kids down the stairs. He slipped on his floppers and helped the children find their shoes. "Get your shoes and socks on." Khloe put on her cute black girly shoes and Kyle put on his sneakers. Jim had to help Khloe secure her shoes because she didn't have the hang of it yet. Khloe was only five years old and this was her first full year of school. Kindergarten was a full day at St. Stephen's Catholic school. Khloe loved school, but it was hard for her to get ready in the morning.
"What do you guys want for breakfast?" Mom yelled from the kitchen. "I want spaghetti and meatballs." Khloe yelled back "and I want Honey Nut Cheerios" Kyle also yelled. "Sorry guys, we don't have enough time." Mom replied. "You are going to have to settle for blueberry pancakes." Emily threw two pancakes in the toaster and pushed both sides down. She made peanut butter and jelly for lunch, threw in snacks and drinks and closed both lunch boxes. She handed each kid a plate with a pancake topped with syrup and placed their lunch boxes in their back packs.
"The train is ready to go." Dad yelled from the living room. "We have twenty-minutes to get there and you know what happens if you are late." Emily, Kyle and Khloe came together through the dining room, the living room, through the hallway and out the front door. Emily grabbed her pocketbook and computer bag on her way out the door. Jim locked and closed the front door and raced to the car. The two kids jumped into the backseat and secured themselves with seatbelts. Jim started the car and readied himself to back out of the driveway.
Megan raced out the front door just in time. She didn't have to go to school because she took virtual school, but Megan wanted to stop at the supermarket on the way home. Jim saw his fifteen year old daughter just in the nick of time. He stopped the car; Megan opened the door and jumped in between her brother and sister.
"It is interesting to see you awake this early." Jim said to his daughter. "I want to stop at Publix and get a few movies." Megan replied. "Do you have your codes for free movies?" "Of course" Megan replied. "You know I store them all in my iPod." Megan was silent for a moment and then she said. "I'm really getting bored.
Jim backed out of the driveway; they had eighteen minutes to get to school. The sun was bright, so Jim put on his sunglasses. It seemed like the sun was always bright in the morning in Florida. Jim had no idea what he would do if he did not have a good pair of sunglasses. They made it through the first mile without any problems. Children were walking to school with their parents, but this morning they were actually walking on the sidewalks. Some mornings Jim has to be extra careful because the children were walking in the middle of the road.
The traffic picked up once Jim reached Symmes Rd. He waited at the stop sign for six vehicles to pass on one side and five on the other. He had his left turn signal on and was ready to turn when he got the chance. He turned left and settled behind an old Toyota SUV, squeezing in perfectly. They reached the school zone in seconds and had to slow down to 20 MPH. This was not the school zone for St. Stephen's Catholic Church; it was for Sessums Elementary School. Kyle went to Sessums Elementary School last year and was on the honor roll, but this year he moved on to St. Stephens Catholic School. His mom and dad wanted their children to learn about God and they went through school. They had to hurry because they still had a good ten minutes before they reached St. Stephens.
Jim made it through the school zone and pushed the 2009 Toyota Corolla to forty miles per hour which was the posted speed limit. He drove the two miles to the end of the road to the next stop sign. Only one BMW blew through a stop sign this morning and raced in front of him driving at an incredible speed. The driver never looked at him and missed crashing in to them by a couple of car lengths. Good thing God was watching over them this morning.
Jim took a right on to Balm Riverview Rd. He followed the rush hour traffic until he took a quick left on to McMullen Rd. Another car rushed in front of him at a high speed nearly missing taking the front bumper off the car. Jim did his best not to say something uncalled for under his breath. His children didn't need to hear his frustrations even if they were as real as real could be.
"Khloe, get your hands off of me." Kyle complained from the back seat. Khloe giggled at her brother because she knew she had gotten under his skin. Khloe loved her brother, but it was sure fun to tease the older Kyle. Kyle was seven years old and he had just begun second grade. He was a smart kid who loved video games and spending time with his sisters and his parents. He couldn't wait until school was over today so he could finish his homework and play his video games.
Kyle wiped his sister's hand off his knee and she winked at him. She knew she was causing trouble for her brother, but she could not help it. "Khloe!" mom yelled from the front of the car. "Leave your brother alone and think about listening at school today. I don't want to see another yellow face. You are just in to the third week of school and you have more yellow faces than your brother gets in a complete year of school." Khloe snickered from the backseat. "But mom, those teachers sure ask us to do some funny things."
They took a right on Boyette Rd. and lined up behind the rush hour traffic. Ten minutes to get to school and they were in the usual early morning bumper to bumper traffic. It took them four more minutes to reach the school zone for St. Stephen's Catholic School. They were going to make it, barely. Jim put on his right turn signal and apologized to the other traffic because he was unable to let anybody sneak in front of him this morning.
Jim turned into the driveway a little quicker than normal because he was in a hurry to get his kids to school. He did not see the construction zone until it was too late. Jim muttered something under his breath about the construction and the holes they left in the road all around the school. He could not slow the car down in time to miss the huge bump and expected a bumpy impact. He cringed when he thought what it would do to the suspension of the car.
The car hit the man made pot hole and suddenly it began to rain. Jim put on his windshield wipers and remembered he would have to change them very soon. The rain grew heavy and it was nearly impossible to see. Good thing the 2009 Toyota Corolla had automatic headlights or Jim would have likely driven into a muddy ditch.
"Dad, where's our school?" Jim listened to his son's question and wondered what his boy was talking about. It was hard enough trying to drive through the blinding rain. "I cannot see your school." Jim finally answered. "I believe it is because it is raining so hard." Kyle did not think his father was right because they were driving through the rain for fifteen minutes and did not reach their school. The rain had to have taken them off their tracks and Kyle was sure they were going the wrong way.
Something was in the road and Jim saw it in the nick of time. He slammed on the brakes and the car skid to a halt, just missing whatever had stopped in the road. "Is everybody all right?" He asked. Jim looked at the seat behind him. The children's clothes were a bit ruffled, but they seemed to be okay. Emily's face was red and she was a bit flustered, but she assured Jim that she was going to be fine. Megan still looked bored despite the sudden halt.
"What is that thing?" Kyle asked from the back seat of the car, breaking the silence. Jim looked in the road in front of him. Something large was moving and he could not figure out what it was. It seemed to be a cross between a large dog and a turtle. The creature moved slowly like a turtle and was furry like a dog. Jim looked at the creature wondering what it was. Before he could figure it out, the creature disappeared.
The rain poured down in sheets again and blinded Jim for a moment. He decided it was time to stop the car for the safety of his family. He didn't see or hear the roaring water coming at them until it was too late. Jim tried to move the car out of the way, but the raging river slammed against the car and swallowed them up.
Kyle, Khloe and Megan screamed as they were swept away. Jim tried to start the car and drive through the powerful stream of water, but the car would not start. Emily looked at him sadly; she had already given in to defeat. The water slammed the car into trees and rocks on their frightful journey. Jim couldn't help but think about the damage and the insurance ramifications if they somehow survived this mess.
Finally, the car came to a stop in the middle of a meadow. The water washed by them and disappeared over a cliff. Jim surveyed the car to see if his family was okay. Satisfied, he opened the door of the car as leftover water poured into the car and filled his lap. Jim wiped what water he could off his pants and stepped out of the car. What a day.
The meadow was soggy from the flood that had slipped through it just moments before. Jim told his children to stay in the car with their mother as he searched the meadow. The place was beautifully colored with flowers of many different colors and varieties. There were trees all around, some of them heavy with fruit. With a single glance, Jim saw apples, pears and oranges. How strange it was to see oranges growing together with apples and pears. What was this place and why were they here?
As Jim walked back to the car, the sun escaped from the clouds and lit up the meadow. The place was incredibly beautiful and Jim felt like he belonged here. He opened the car doors and told his family to come out of the car for a moment. Jim decided to let the children enjoy some of the fruits from the trees while he figured out what they were going to do.
Emily led the children to an apple tree. She picked some of the largest apples off of the first tree and she was amazed at how large it was. Emily looked at the apple and she decided she would try the apple out first before she gave any of the fruit to her children.
The first bite was like heaven. The apple was crisp and sweet and tasted better than any apple Emily had tried. She took a second bite, then another and another. Emily could not get enough of the delicious apple. "Mom, I'm hungry." Khloe finally said.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

DotBlock gives You Reliable VPS Hosting

I always wished I knew more about computers, website building and website hosting. I love to blog and I love computers. If I knew more about what I do, I could reach more people on the web. That is why their are companies who specialize in things I do not understand. DotBlock is one of those companies. DotBlock is an expert in VPS Hosting. If you want your own Virtual Private Server, this company can hook you up.

I am smart enough to know if you want any reliable service, you better get connected with the experts in that particular field. If I have trouble with my computer, I call my friend and he fixes it. He knows how to keep my computer running like it is supposed to run. If it were up to me, I would throw it against the wall and buy another one. This is why it is important to connect yourself with people who are experts in their particular field.

If you need VPS Hosting, you had better connect to an expert in the field, or you will have all kinds of trouble. DotBlock is the company that can fulfill all of your needs in VPS Hosting. They have what they call VPS Hosting made to order. They have over 40 operation system installations available. You can choose what you want and DotBlock will hook you up. You can try out their service for a minimal price and see if they have exactly what you need for your business. No worries, their system is secure and reliable.

ConAgra Backyard Bash: Our Memorial Day Weekend Cookout 2012

ConAgra sent us a Backyard Bash kit to enhance our Memorial Day Weekend cookout. They supplied most of the food, recipes, Chef Boyardee Aprons and chef hat, time capsule and herb seeds. I went to the store and bought Chef Boyardee Beefaroni,. 98 percent free Hebrew National Hot Dogs, hamburger, egg beaters, hunts tomatoes, corn on the cob, strawberries, whipped cream etc. We invited over a few friends and prepared our cookout.
We decided it was important to begin the party with breakfast because the cooks needed some nutrition and energy. We took Egg Beaters, mixed them in a bowl with a few hunts tomatoes and sprinkled cheese into the mix while it was cooking. This was a taste of scrambled eggs that everybody enjoyed. During this event, we actually made our own recipe. We took the rest of the eggs and dumped a can of Beefaroni on them. The mixture was actually delicious.

The main food for the event.

We made chili with Hunts Tomato Juice, the rest of the Hunts tomatoes, ground beef, spicy chili beans and rice on the side, we cooked Hebrew National Hot Dogs, corn on the cob, baked beans, hamburgers, sirloin steak and made strawberry shortcake and chocolate chip cookies. Our friends came over to share in our cookout and brought a half gallon of chocolate chip ice-cream with them. We whipped up some chocolate chip cookies with one of the recipes we were sent from ConAgra. This is the first time I ever used Egg Beaters to make cookies and they were delicious.

The children got together with my wife and planted the herb and tomato seeds. It was fun, they got dirty and we hope we can actually grow the seeds into plants. We have fun planting seeds in this family, but we don't always have the best of luck growing the plants beyond the seedling stage. I don't believe we have green thumbs in this family.  
It was nice to learn that ConAgra foods are healthy and come from the farm. Fresh vegetables are important to good health and Egg Beaters are a heart-healthy option to shelled eggs. The egg whites are the healthy part of the egg, giving your body the nutrients it needs without all the fat, calories and cholesterol off shelled eggs. The cool thing I learned about Hunt's tomatoes are they are naturally steam peeled, without chemicals, and contain no artificial preservatives or ingredients. I already knew that the Hebrew National Hot Dogs were good for you because I have added these delicious franks to my diet years ago. I try to stay away from those hot dogs that are high in fat and have meat additives none of us want to know about.

Our family and friends put personal items into the time capsule. My children actually decided to put their small stuffed animals into the capsule. I placed some pictures of my family in the capsule. Our friends put wheat pennies and other personal things they share between them in the time capsule. We buried it in the backyard and will remove it in the future. I have never done this, so it was really cool to me. My children thought it was fun, but they are going to miss their stuffed animals.

The ConAgra Backyard Bash lasted until 11 PM, we made the Greek Pasta Salad together and everyone enjoyed it. We ate all of the deserts, chocolate chip cookies, strawberry shortcake and chocolate chip ice-cream. We all learned ConAgra foods are healthier than any of us were aware of. My children love Chef Boyardee products, so this is nice to know. The men watched an NBA playoff game, the children played games through the house and the ladies talked about life and their jobs.

This was an enjoyable and educational experience to all of us. We ate a bunch of food, spend time with our families and had a lot of fun. We want to thank all those men and women who gave their lives so we could enjoy this time with our family. Memorial Day is a day where we remember those men and women who sacrificed their lives for us. We remember the service and sacrifice of all of our Veteran's. These men and women gave their lives, so we can live in a free country and have special family moments like this.

I wrote this review while participating in a campaign by Dad Central Consulting on behalf of ConAgra and received products to facilitate my review and a promotional item to thank me for my participation.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

A Great Chicago Hyundai Dealership You Can Check Out Online

My friend used to live in Chicago, he talks about the windy city all of the time. He tells me how the people are really nice and the food is delicious. He loves Chicago and we planned a trip so my family could meet his friends.  My friend also knows about my love of vehicles, so we planned to check out a few cars on our trip too. At the airport, I found a cool website that promoted Chicago Hyundai vehicles. I bookmarked it on my laptop, so I could check it out again when we reached Chicago.

The Chicago Hyundai website was cool because it showed new and used Hyundai's for sale in the Chicago area. The site is easy to use and filled with picture and information about the vehicles. I showed the site to my friend who told me he knew how to get to the place. He actually knew quite a bit about the place. My friend told me that one of his friends went to the dealership and got an excellent deal on a new Hyundai.

We took a trip to the dealership and checked out some cool Hyundai's we found on the website. The people at the dealership were really nice. They didn't try to shove a vehicle down our throats. They showed us the vehicles we wanted to check out and told us everything about them. We told them we found them through their website. We found out later, they are one of the best Chicago Hyundai Dealerships around. You should check their website out, it is easy to use and a whole lot of fun.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

VEP For Kids To See

VEP for Kids to See is a movement that started with the story of a baby girl, Nora Turner, who’s vision, eyes …and ultimately her life…were saved by a simple, but unique vision test given by her pediatrician during her six-month regular well visit.  Watch the video, LIKE the Facebook page and sign the petition to raise awareness of Visual Evoked Potential (VEP) in children's vision testing and to encourage pediatricians and insurance companies to make this test widely available to save more children's sight and lives. Join the movement on at To learn about this test, visit
Full video link:

Why you Should Use a Charter Plane Service

I'm getting sick of going into the airport and flying on airplanes. Flying is not my favorite sport, but it used to be better. You used to get snacks and drinks, now you get a drink and no snacks. The airlines continue to charge us more money and give us less service. They also try to sell you some type of product on every flight you take. I am beginning to wonder is the Stewards and Stewardesses are now just sales people in disguise.

I am looking forward to checking out Charter plane service. I heard the cost is not too expensive and they are more first class. If you want service on a regular plane you need to pay for first class anyway. The first class on most planes is not what it is cracked out to be. The food is okay, but nothing special. I think it would be excellent to fly on Air charter service and be treated with more personal service.

I often feel like I am a sardine in a sardine can when I fly anymore. The plane companies don't seem to care about their customers. They want to shove as many people on to the planes that will fit to make sure they make their profit. I want to fly with a company who works with you individually and treats you the way you should be treated. I believe private jet companies hire the best pilots and fly the safest planes around. I can't wait to try one out.

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Oral-B ProfessionalCare SmartSeries 5000 with SmartGuide Update

I have used the Oral-B Professional Care SmartSeries 5000 with SmartGuide toothbrush to brush my teeth for two weeks now. I am extremely happy I had a chance to use this toothbrush. My teeth are clean and shiny without having to go to the dentist and get them professionally cleaned.

I am using the Oral-B Professional Care SmartSeries 5000 with SmartGuide toothbrush to brush my teeth cleaner and brush my back teeth better. I have had a horrible time trying to get my back teeth clean until I used this tooth brush.

The differences I see between a regular toothbrush and the Oral-B Professional Care SmartSeries 5000 with SmartGuide are very important to me. I had tons of trouble getting my back teeth clean with a regular toothbrush. I don't have this problem with the Oral-B Professional Care SmartSeries 5000 electric toothbrush. I am able to easily clean my back teeth. The other difference is I have had trouble keeping stains and plaque off my front teeth with a regular toothbrush. I am now able to clean this off easily with the Oral-B Professional Care SmartSeries 5000 with SmartGuide. This toothbrush has done wonders for my teeth.

This is actually the first electric toothbrush I have ever used. I never wanted to spend the money on a good electric toothbrush because I did not think it would make a big enough difference. I am glad I had a chance to try the Oral-B Professional Care SmartSeries 5000 with SmartGuide is it already doing wonders for my teeth. This study proved my beliefs wrong, this toothbrush is well worth the money because it will keep your teeth much cleaner than a regular toothbrush.

Oral-B has a $10 off coupon if you want to buy one of their ProfessionalCare SmartSeries 5000 with SmartGuide electric toothbrushes. Visit for more imformation.

Check out Oral-B on their Facebook page

You Can Oral-B on their Twitter Page

I apprreciate the chance to check out this electric toothbrush from Oral-B. Keep checking back for more information about how this toothbrush works for me and can work for you.

I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour by Dad Central Consulting on behalf of Oral-B and received a product sample to facilitate my review and a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate

Great Local Truck Driving Jobs

Truckers are a huge part of our society. When you see a big rig on the highway, that dude is delivering goods that keep our society moving. There are Truck Driver Jobs available locally in most areas of the country. Good paying jobs at a time when our economy is declining because of too many bad decisions by our leaders. Most of these local truck driving jobs pay well and offer good benefits.

I spent a few years as a truck driver in the Cincinnati area. I had a route from Cincinnati to Louisville everyday where I delivered dishes to restaurants and wheels to car dealerships. The job was fun and the pay was really good. The problem was the economy fell apart and I was laid off from my truck driving job. We decided to move to Florida instead of me finding another truck driving job in the Cincinnati area.

Now I live in Florida where the economy is horrible. There are still good local truck driving jobs in our area. There are also a bunch of people looking for jobs in our area. It is a good thing to make sure you are qualified for these jobs before you apply. Truck drivers are one of the most important pieces in our economy. They drive materials from point A to point B and help make sure all of our stores have everything you need to live your lives. If you want a good and important career, become a truck driver.

This is a sponsored post for MTS Driver Recruiters, however, all the
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No Choice (Poetry)

I had no choice
You gave me none
You made a move
That could not be undone

The days go by
With Thoughts of you
I think out loud
What can I do?

I watched you leave
I said goodbye
I wiped a teardrop
From both my eyes

Anxious thoughts
Came over me
My little girl
Is now sixteen

You chose a road
Many miles from me
Where the sky is blue
And the grass is green

I had no choice
You gave me none
You made a move
That could not be undone.....

Making Family Memories at Football Games

I'm a sports nut and I love to take my family to football games. My son Kyle and my daughter Khloe love to go to the games with me. Khloe loves to dance like the cheerleaders and Kyle loves the action. My wife doesn't care for football, but she likes the family memories we share together at the stadium. We have gone to NFL football games, utah football and even a couple of college bowl games. This year, we may even go on a road trip to the Super Bowl in February.

Football is fun to play and it is fun to watch. I love to go out in the backyard and throw the football around with my children. My son love to make believe he is scoring the winning touchdown. My daughter stands next to him and cheers him on. We talk about the football games we have gone to and the football games we have planned for the future. We are planning to get season tickets to the USF Bulls at Raymond James Stadium. The local team plays in the same stadium as the Buccaneers and the cost is cheap.

I love to watch NFL football on television, it is a great show. My children don't like watching football on television. They love to go out to the stadium and watch the game in person. We can't go to every NFL football game, we wished we could. We choose our favorite games, save up for them and make it a family day. I believe football can help a family grow closer and give them memories they can talk about for a lifetime.

This is a sponsored post for Deseret News, however, all the points and
views are my own.

A Really Cool Palm Beach, Florida Car Dealership

I'm still searching for another vehicle in Florida. I want to buy a small pickup truck at a good price. I need the truck to haul a bunch of stuff when we remodel our house. I am getting tired of renting trucks or paying companies delivery charges. During my search, I found a website that is filled with all types of vehicles for sale in Florida. I even found a bunch of used trucks to check out, some of them meet all of my qualifications and needs. You have to check out this really cool website at Palm Beach Jeep Dealer. They have a huge assortment of new and used vehicles on their site.

This site is easy to use and they have pictures of every vehicle. Another cool part of their site is they have the Carfax of each vehicle right next to the vehicle. This way, you can find out if there is anything wrong with the vehicle or if it has been in an accident. This may be the best car site if you are looking for a new or used vehicle in the Palm Beach, Florida area. They even have a calculator that allows you to know how much you will pay monthly for your vehicle.  If you are looking for a Palm Beach Chrysler dealer, Palm Beach Jeep dealer or a Palm Beach Dodge Ram dealer, you came to the right place.

Some of us just love cars. I could look at them and test drive cars for a living. I think it runs in my family because my brother is a car freak too. We love to spend a day going from car lot to car lot looking at cars. We buy too many vehicles and we spend too much money on vehicles. This car dealership is for those people in Florida who are car freaks like me. They even have a blog about cars that is just as cool as their website.

Monday, May 21, 2012

We Decided To Try Whitney Farms For All Our Gardening Needs

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Whitney Farms for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

My family decided it was time to go organic. There is so much food out there that is scientifically warped and we no longer want to put it into our bodies. We heard about a company called Whitney Farms®. They have a full line of 100% natural food plants and soils that have no additives and nothing arificial. Just goodness from the earth designed to give you beautiful flower, fruits and vegetables. 

Organic Plant Food

My family decided we want to use organic soil and organic plant food in our garden. We want to grow good healthy food for our family to eat. This is why we decided to try Whitney Farms Organic plant and vegetable food. Whitney Farms® has over 25 years of gardening experience and has improved their products to have 

low to no dust


no manure smell

easy to apply

contains beneficial microbes

has specially designed protein-based blends to provide your plants with both macro and micronutrients they need to grow and thrive.

Whitney-Farms-Logo_Banner_New_C.jpg (6 documents, 6 total pages)

Whitney Farms® plant food does a better job for you and your garden. It has more of what your plants need than all of the plant and vegetable foods you can buy in your local store. This means your plants and vegetables will grow larger and taste better. You can try out Whitney Farms with the $3 Coupon!fa

109103_1.jpg (6 documents, 6 total pages)

Rudbeckias are putting on a show


Visit Sponsor's Site

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Check Out This Great Infiniti Website

Buying a car can be a hassle. Talking face to face with a car salesman can be a real pain. I am one of those people that would rather check out a car dealership website before I check out the dealership itself. I like to go in there knowing exactly what I want to buy. I was looking for Infiniti Vehicles in Jacksonville when I came upon this really cool website. This website is a great place to buy new and used cars in Florida. The site is really easy and fun to use. I love to check out all of the cool Infiniti vehicles.

I decided to check out the used cars first. I wanted to see what I Jacksonville Infiniti vehicles where really out there. I checked out a 2008 Infiniti EX35 and a 2010 Infiniti FX35 AWD. Both vehicles were hot and the prices were right. The site was so easy to use and the videos of the vehicles made my ride so much easier. I now know what I want, where I want to go and how much I want to pay for my next vehicle.

Some time next week I will take a trip to the Florida dealership I found online. I will ask them to show me the vehicles I found on their website and I will be ready to deal. I like to know what I am stepping into when it comes to buying cars. This Infiniti website gave me all the information I needed about the cars they had for sale. They even offer a lifetime warranty on all of their used Infiniti vehicles. I can't wait to go and check out the cars.

The Joy Of First Communion

My son just turned eight in March. He has gone to Catholic school for one year and he loves God. He is also shy, but he loves God. For the past few years, he has walked through the Lord's Supper with us and watched us take communion. He always wondered why he was not allowed to take it. When he was very young, he thought the Lord's Supper was food and could not understand why we ate and he did not.

The Lord's Supper is actually a type of food, but not the type of food my son was thinking about. Communion feeds us in our Christian lives and feeds our souls. Communion connects us with Jesus in a very special way. My son learned about communion in school and Sunday was his day to take communion for the first time. I will have pictures in a couple of later posts that show my son at his First Communion.

We went to practice Tuesday night. The walk through was really cute. It was very rewarding watching the young children and my son prepare for this very special moment of their lives. Saturday was the moment for my son's First Communion. The service was 11:30 AM until 1 PM. My son and all of his friends were dressed up and ready to partake in their first Lord's Supper. My son was excited and he was ready. It was a beautiful moment in our lives and I almost cried. Father Bill smiled at me as I walked behind my son and watched him take his First Communion.

It was funny to watch my son at moments. He complained about his feet hurting, the tie hurting and the clothes were uncomfortable. When that moment came for him to take the Lord's Supper, he forget about all of the annoyances of dressing up. It was a beautiful moment that I will remember for the rest of my life. My five year old daughter commented today about how she cannot wait until her First Communion. God Bless little children, their innocence and the excitement that comes along with it.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Right Insurance Company For Investment Properties

Insurance has become very important in our world. You need insurance for everything you do. If you don't use insurance, you get in trouble or you lose everything you own. This is especially important when you own a business or apartment building. You need to insure you apartment building to protect yourself from being sued or losing everything you own. Commercial and Business Insurance will protect you and all of your property. Make sure you buy it if you own a business or a rental property.

My brother and I are actually looking for a rental property. The price of houses and apartment buildings have really dropped over the past few years. On the other hand, rent has not fallen with the same intensity as the properties themselves. People need somewhere to live and they often are unable to buy property themselves. My brother and I want to buy some rental properties, rent them out and cash in when the property values increase in the future. The thing we have to look into when we buy these properties is good reliable property insurance.

We learned through careful study that insurance 08701 is the way to go. This insurance is the best on the market and will save you money on your insurance needs. We believe if we buy some rental properties, we need to save money on insurance and make sure the insurance we buy is reliable. My brother told me this summer is the best time to buy property because it will have bottomed out. We will be looking for good rental properties this summer and will invest in our futures. We also are glad we found an insurance company that will have our backs just in case anything unexpected happens to our property. You might want to check out this insurance company and see if they match your needs. We already know they will save you money.

How To Make Insecticide Soap And Zap Bugs

Do you want to get rid of bugs in your garden? Do you want to kill roaches and other bugs in your house without paying big bucks for an exterminator? Now is the time to make your own insecticide soap.

vegetable oil
dish washing liquid
a spray bottle

Take a spray bottle and fill it three quarters up with water. Take your dish washing detergent and spray a good amount in the spray bottle. Take a teaspoon of oil and drop it into the spray bottle. Fill the spray bottle the rest of the way up with water. Find some bugs in your garden or your house. Spray the bugs with the homemade insecticide soap. Watch the bugs as they twitch and die. The insecticide soap suffocates the bugs and they are no more.

This recipe is cheap and simple, but will kill a ton of bugs. Bugs don't like insecticide soap because it suffocates them. Even roaches cannot survive when they are suffocated, what a shame!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Survivor Philippines: For Real!

If you are a Survivor fan, you know that the 25th season of Survivor will be set in the Philippines. If you are Filipino, you are extra excited. The Philippines looks a lot like Hawaii and is located many miles away from the United States. The Survivor crew will have to fly as far as 10,000 miles to get there depending where they leave the United States. Survivor will be held in the islands of Caramoan in Camarines Sur, Bicol Region.

My wife is Filipino, she is from Cebu. We built a house in Cebu a couple of years ago and we love to visit the Philippines. The Philippines is known for friendly people, beautiful sites, Manny Pacquiao and now Survivor. It looks like this season of Survivor will be interesting. There will be three tribes and they will be living in an area that is loaded with cobras and wild animals on the land and a sea that is infested by man eating sharks. I look forward to this year of Survivor, it should be fun.

To our Filipino friends, watch this show if you get a chance. Your country will be on television every week. You get to show off your incredible country to the world. After Survivor, there will be a ton of people who know a whole lot more about the Philippines. They will see how beautiful it really is.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Independent Mommy and student. My life, My world.: My LifeHello everyone, this is my first time bl...

Independent Mommy and student. My life, My world.: My Life Hello everyone, this is my first time bl...: My Life Hello everyone, this is my first time blogging and I am excited to begin.    Being a single mother is not easy at...

Oral-B ProfessionalCare SmartSeries 5000 with SmartGuide Review

I was sent the Oral-B ProfessionalCare SmartSeries 5000 with SmartGuide to review. I have been using a regular tooth brush my entire life and my dentist suggested I tried a better option. I had the opportunity to try out the Oral-B ProfessionalCare SmartSeries with SmartGuide electric toothbrush.

When I went to the dentist, they told me I needed to take better care of my teeth. I brushed, but I needed to brush better. They suggested I get a good electric toothbrush to brush my teeth better. My teeth are in good shape, but I am middle-aged and I could use a better tool to brush them.

I am using the Oral-B Professional Care SmartSeries 5000 with SmartGuide toothbrush to brush my teeth cleaner and brush the back teeth better. I have a horrible time trying to get my back teeth clean. I am hoping this toothbrush will do the job I am unable to do myself.

I am trying to brush my teeth better so I spend less time at the dentist getting my teeth cleaned. I am also trying to teach my children how to brush their teeth and get less cavities. My children love candy and sweets, they hate brushing their teeth. I am trying to have them eat less sweets and brush their teeth better. Good oral health is very important to me and my family.

I have used the Oral-B ProfessionalCare SmartSeries 5000 with SmartGuide toothbrush a few times and it seems to be doing the job well. It reminds me of the toothbrush my dentist uses on me when I get my teeth cleaned. The Oral-B electric toothbrush cleans my back teeth better than I am able to clean my teeth. It also seems to clean the rest of my teeth better. I look forward to cleaner and healthier teeth as I continue to use this electric toothbrush. Here is a video my son took of me brushing my teeth.

Oral-B has a $10 off coupon if you want to buy one of their ProfessionalCare SmartSeries 5000 with SmartGuide electric toothbrushes. Visit for more imformation.  

Check out Oral-B on their Facebook page

You Can Oral-B on their Twitter Page

I apprreciate the chance to check out this electric toothbrush from Oral-B. Keep checking back for more information about how this toothbrush works for me and can work for you.

I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour by Dad Central Consulting on behalf of Oral-B and received a product sample to facilitate my review and a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Walking Dead Season 3 Begins In October

The Walking Dead Season 3 will begin in October on AMC. This season, The Governor will be introduced on the television show. The Governor is a villain on the Walking Dead. David Morrissey has been cast to play the ultimate villain The Governor. For those of you have checked out the comic books, you know much more about The Governor than I do. 

I was turned on to The Walking Dead through the television show. The guys at work told me they read the comic books, I never heard of them. Everything that happens is a surprise to me and this is a part of the show that makes it more exciting at least for me.

"In a nutshell The Governor is the leader of a large group of survivors and in Season 3 of The Walking Dead he will bring pain and suffering to the Grimes family and Rick will regret the day that they ever crossed paths." (

Don't forget the end of season 2 when we saw the cool zombie slayer Michionne . She will be in Season 3 and things will continue to get better and better. If you are like me, you cannot wait to see the new season of The Walking Dead. This is likely the reason I am talking about it in May when it doesn't start again until October. If you are a fine like I am you hope The Walking Dead will be around for many more seasons. Is it October yet?

Investing in a Short Sale Property In Las Vegas

I have always wanted to go to Las Vegas. I mean I am not a huge gambler, but I think a visit would be cool. I have friends who go there all the time. Unlucky for me, I haven't had the chance to visit Las Vegas yet. I think within the next few months I will take a trip to Las Vegas with my wife. We will go there for a few days and check everything out. I always wanted to check out a few shows and eat at one of the delicious buffets. Hopefully, we will have a chance to get there this fall.

I heard recently that Las Vegas was hit hard by the bad economy. I also heard that you could get a house cheap in Las Vegas if you had the money. I need to find a las vegas short sale specialist and take a look at some investment properties. My brother and I would like to buy a house and rent it out. We would also like to have a summer place where we could stay when we took a holiday in Las Vegas.

I hope to go to Las Vegas this fall and check out a few houses on my trip. It would be cool to buy a house and have another place to stay on vacation. My wife and I already built a house in Cebu, Philippines for when we go and visit her family. I look forward to the chance to invest in another house when the prices are still affordable.

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Writing (Haiku)

Writing Is My Life
I Have To Let It All Out
My Heart On Paper

Kyle And Khloe Enjoying A Spring Fair

Using Local Online Marketing To Make Your Business Successful

You have to advertise when you have a business. This doesn't matter if the business is small or large. If you want to compete, you have to market your business. Some people do marketing the wrong way. They have to realize we are in the era where local online marketing is important. If you want to compete with all of your competitors, you had better learn how to market your business.

I work for a company who really knows how to gain customers from local marketing. He advertises his stores on bulletin boards, through television and newspapers and on the radio. Recently, he realized that the competition was getting the upper hand on his business. He realized he was going to have to modernize his business or he would continue to lose customers.

My boss finally decided to put his business online and hire experts to do local online marketing of his business. He did it at the right time because the economy fell apart and he had to compete with all of the other local companies. I believe the company made it through this tough economy and will again reach the top of the mountain. I also believe if my boss did not pay attention to the times, he would have lost his business and everything he owned.

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Eating Mangos, The Good Fruit

My Children Love Mangos, They Taste Good and They Are Good For You. We Are Trying To Grow A Few Mango Trees From Seeds, Stay Tuned.

Find The Right Website Hosting Company And Save Money

Website Hosting is an important part of your website. If you don't have it, you can wind up lost in the world of Google. Some website hosting companies are good and some are just average. You had better pick the right one if you want to climb to the top of the Google ladder. Recently, I have been shown a good website hosting company. They have all the tools for one of the best prices online. They have LiteSpeed Technology hosting on 8-core Xeon for faster speeds.

If you want a website hosting company to host your site, you are looking for a couple of things. You want a company who has all of the latest tools and is one of the servers with the most competitive pricing online. When you find that company, you want to get hooked up with them and connect your site to them.

When you set up your website, don't forget to find a good website hosting company with a great price. You will be happy when you succeed and you save money at the same time. Check out this company for your website hosting and see what they can do for you and your company.

My Son Building His Rocket With His Cub Scout Friends

Searching For Used Semi Trucks For Sale

I have been driving my entire life. I love to drive and I make my living from it. I got the fever when I was sixteen years old. I always wanted to drive everywhere we went because I enjoyed it so much. As I grew up, I wanted to drive a truck on the roads. I finally got a job as a delivery driver in Cincinnati. I was considered the rookie of the year at the place I worked. This gave me the confidence to pick up a larger job as a truck driver.

I always wanted to own my own truck and drive for myself. I am the type who does well because I work hard for what I get. I looked all over for semi trucks for sale hoping to begin my own business. Trucks are expensive, but it is worth the cost if you want to work for yourself. I never found the truck I wanted at the price I hope to pay, but I am still looking.

You have to have the fever to be a delivery driver your entire life. You have to love driving and you have to love trucks. You have to be able to give your all to the job if you want to make a living as a delivery driver. The past few years have been really tough because of the bad economy. Gas prices are high and good delivery jobs are few and far between. This is hard for those of us who love this type of living, but we go on because we have the fever.

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ChildUp Early Learning Game Cards Review and Giveaway 5/25/2012

The ChildUp Company sent me two packs of early learning game cards;

Teach Your Child To Count To 10

Teach Your Child To Count To 20

The cards are designed for boys and girls 1 to 5. The learning cards have animals on one side of them and numbers on the other side of them. There is a card where you can teach your children what each animal is and a little something about them.

You can have your children count the animals on the cards and add them up. They will tell you how many animals while adding. The children love animals and are very interested in the cards and adding. My five year old is excited when she learns counting this way. The cards keep her attention and she loves to learn about the animals. I like that the cards help teach self-control because my daughter really needs to learn this.

There is also a card where you teach your children about bugs. This is very good for my daughter to know about bugs because she is afraid of bugs and it helps her to know facts about insects.

I decided to divide the cards into two groups. I took the first box and let my niece use them with her three year old daughter. Her name is Lilliana and she lives in New York State. We visited last week and I gave them the Teach Your Child to Count To 10. I used the Teach Your Child to Count To 20 for my five year old daughter because she already knows how to count to ten. This way I got a better idea about how the cards worked with two different children at different ages. Lilliana is intelligent for age and she caught on to the cards and counting fast. My daughter Khloe is intelligent, but takes time to settle down. She caught on to the cards quickly too because they were fun and she learned how to count higher.

What I also learned about the cards is they give adult/child time together in a teaching/learning situation. This was very good for my daughter because she needs structure around the house. She is a good kid who doesn't always listen well. During our time with the cards, I found she spent more time listening and learning.

These are Free Apps

EarlyMath - Raise a Math Genius for iPhone/iPad 
This app helps children learn the first steps in addition, as well as the names and real sounds of 80 popular animals.

EarlyZoo - 80 Animals for Kids for Android or iPhone/iPad 
80 Animals to Learn for Preschoolers with Sounds and Landscapes!

The giveaway is for a pack of 

Teach Your Child To Count To 10


Teach Your Child To Count To 20

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