Thursday, May 31, 2012

A Summer Home In Vegas

My sister and I wanted to take a trip to Las Vegas. She is talking about buying a summer home and she believes Las Vegas would be a cool place for us to visit every year. We took a plane to Vegas and decided to check the place out. We both gambled a little just to say we spent time is a Vegas casino. We checked out a buffet or two and watched a show. We enjoyed our trip, it was a great time.

The other part of our trip had to do with checking out a vacation home for our two families. We knew about the decline in property values in Vegas through the news and decided we could get a really good deal. We decided we could pick up a great property through a short sale and looked for a vegas bankruptcy lawyer. We found somebody who was recommended by a friend and proceeded to check out some properties.

The lady was very nice and helpful. She showed us some really nice properties in the Las Vegas area. There are a couple of properties that fit our budget and our needs. We look forward to the day we actually close on a property in Las Vegas. Buying a summer home is a dream my sister has had for years. She wants to turn the place into a bread and breakfast place of her own.

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