Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Thankful To Have A Good Dentist Wherever I Go

I used to hate going to the dentist. I remember as a little boy, the dentist scared me to death. I hated the huge needle he stuck in my mouth and I hated the pain. I remember one time when the dentist gave me medicine through the needle, but I still felt most of the drilling. I screamed out loud when the dentist began drilling into my teeth. Good thing dentists are much more advanced than they were when I was a little boy.

In the army, the dentist was incredible. I had a bad tooth and he pulled it without me feeling any pain. The drill Sgts. decided to make fun of me, so they made me go to the mess hall right after I had my tooth pulled. I had to eat food even though I could not feel my mouth. Everybody laughed at me when they saw me drooling food. I got the last laugh because after the medicine wore off, there was no pain. I look back and laugh at that moment in basic training. I am thankful the dentist and his equipment were advanced enough to do the job without pain.

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The next time I used a dentist was when I was on vacation. I woke up with a horrible tooth ache and my mouth was swollen. I needed to see a dentist immediately, so I looked for one in the telephone book. I found dentists in nashville tn and called one up that accepted my insurance. I told them the problem and they fit me in the same day. They found out I had an infection in my tooth, gave me some antibiotics and told me to go to my dentist when I got home to Tampa. The pain went away the next day and I was able to finish my trip in Tennessee. I saw my dentist when I got home and he fixed my tooth. I was thankful to have a good dentist wherever I go.

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