Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Why you Should Use a Charter Plane Service

I'm getting sick of going into the airport and flying on airplanes. Flying is not my favorite sport, but it used to be better. You used to get snacks and drinks, now you get a drink and no snacks. The airlines continue to charge us more money and give us less service. They also try to sell you some type of product on every flight you take. I am beginning to wonder is the Stewards and Stewardesses are now just sales people in disguise.

I am looking forward to checking out Charter plane service. I heard the cost is not too expensive and they are more first class. If you want service on a regular plane you need to pay for first class anyway. The first class on most planes is not what it is cracked out to be. The food is okay, but nothing special. I think it would be excellent to fly on Air charter service and be treated with more personal service.

I often feel like I am a sardine in a sardine can when I fly anymore. The plane companies don't seem to care about their customers. They want to shove as many people on to the planes that will fit to make sure they make their profit. I want to fly with a company who works with you individually and treats you the way you should be treated. I believe private jet companies hire the best pilots and fly the safest planes around. I can't wait to try one out.

This is a sponsored post for Clear Jet, however, all the points and views
are my own.

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