Tuesday, May 15, 2012

ChildUp Early Learning Game Cards Review and Giveaway 5/25/2012

The ChildUp Company sent me two packs of early learning game cards;

Teach Your Child To Count To 10

Teach Your Child To Count To 20

The cards are designed for boys and girls 1 to 5. The learning cards have animals on one side of them and numbers on the other side of them. There is a card where you can teach your children what each animal is and a little something about them.

You can have your children count the animals on the cards and add them up. They will tell you how many animals while adding. The children love animals and are very interested in the cards and adding. My five year old is excited when she learns counting this way. The cards keep her attention and she loves to learn about the animals. I like that the cards help teach self-control because my daughter really needs to learn this.

There is also a card where you teach your children about bugs. This is very good for my daughter to know about bugs because she is afraid of bugs and it helps her to know facts about insects.

I decided to divide the cards into two groups. I took the first box and let my niece use them with her three year old daughter. Her name is Lilliana and she lives in New York State. We visited last week and I gave them the Teach Your Child to Count To 10. I used the Teach Your Child to Count To 20 for my five year old daughter because she already knows how to count to ten. This way I got a better idea about how the cards worked with two different children at different ages. Lilliana is intelligent for age and she caught on to the cards and counting fast. My daughter Khloe is intelligent, but takes time to settle down. She caught on to the cards quickly too because they were fun and she learned how to count higher.

What I also learned about the cards is they give adult/child time together in a teaching/learning situation. This was very good for my daughter because she needs structure around the house. She is a good kid who doesn't always listen well. During our time with the cards, I found she spent more time listening and learning.

These are Free Apps

EarlyMath - Raise a Math Genius for iPhone/iPad 
This app helps children learn the first steps in addition, as well as the names and real sounds of 80 popular animals.

EarlyZoo - 80 Animals for Kids for Android or iPhone/iPad 
80 Animals to Learn for Preschoolers with Sounds and Landscapes!

The giveaway is for a pack of 

Teach Your Child To Count To 10


Teach Your Child To Count To 20

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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