Wednesday, May 2, 2012

What Does Television Teach Our Kids?

I love television. There are so many channels and hundreds of good shows to watch. However, what does television teach our kids? When I was a kid, parents complained about violent cartoons like Tom and Jerry. The cat and dogs beating on each other. Today, we have an entirely new problem within television shows.

You have cartoons that teach about sexuality, violence and how some things you don't believe in are okay. There are children and adult cartoon and sometimes on the same channel. My wife had no idea that the cartoon channel changed to adult cartoons at a certain time of night and our children actually watched a few of them. I saw the cartoons and explained to my wife how they changed at a certain time. Our children stay up later on the weekends and actually watched some weird cartoons.

Your friends favorite cartoons teach our children everything you don't want them to know. South Park teaches politics, sex, bad language and everything is okay. How many children have watched South Park because their parent loves the show? I am even shocked at the things I have seen on the show.

 The Family Guy-One of the favorite adult cartoons on television that many children watch. This show teaches crazy things about sex and adult situations that you would never want your children to learn. Problem is many televisions in the United States play the show with their small children watching it. We watch it because it is funny and do not pay attention to what shows like this does to our children.

It began years ago with the so called violent cartoon we watched while growing up. The Simpsons pushed a little further and made cartoons more adult. The children on the show did everything you do not want your children to do. Now today we have cartoons that are incredibly bad for our children. I am watching South Park right now (As my children are in school) and I am in shock. The show teaches how sexuality, gay relationships, cussing and perversion is just normal day life. I am amazed at what I see. Every episode is worse than the next. And we wonder why our teenagers say the things they do to us. The show will not be played on my television, I watched it to see what it was about.

As a delivery guy for twenty years, I have seen everything. Not only are American's allowing their children to watch these shows, they are smoking pot and drinking in front of their children while they watch theses shows. You ever wonder how so many teenagers get hooked on pot, maybe it is time to take a look at the parents. If you want your children's minds warped, let them watch these crazy television shows. If not, maybe it is time we monitor everything our children watch and leave it to ourselves to teach them what is right and what is wrong.

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