Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Great Local Truck Driving Jobs

I had a hard time getting a job when I first moved to Florida. Everybody wanted to know how long I lived in Florida and when I said I just got here, they told me to come back in a year. I love to drive, so I checked out some driving jobs. I checked out valet jobs, pizza delivery jobs and Local Truck Driving Jobs. I hooked a job as a valet in a golf course community. It was cool driving all of the expensive cars at the country club. The people were nice and I had a great time.

The problem was I wanted to be a truck driver. I love driving from place to place and checking out the sites. Truck drivers are important to our economy and they are lucky. They make good money doing what they like to do and they help our economy flow. I kept checking out the advertisements on the internet, so I could get hooked up with the job I wanted.

I remember when I lived in Indiana. I had a truck route from Cincinnati to Louisville. I would pick up restaurant supplies in Cincinnati and I would drive to Louisville. It was cool to check out the Louisville Slugger company, the KY Derby and other fun places. I loved the job, but the economy went astray and I was laid off. Now I am in Florida looking for that perfect truck driving job, so I can explore more of our beautiful country.

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