Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Sneeze (poetry)

I really like the winter
to feel the cold cold breeze
sometimes I start to shiver
and end it with a sneeze

The sneeze it seems to get much worse
it's something like the flu
it's there, it's gone, it's there again 
there's nothing I can do
I tried to keep it in a jar
and seal it with the cap
and than in just a moment
I hear this tap, tap, tap

I try to get some Dristan
I take one and than two
four hours it is here again
my, my what can I do?

I wipe it with a kleenex
I know for sure it's gone
'cause this time I was smarter
I flushed it down the john

Oh no! I feel it come again
it makes me catch my breath
and just for that short moment
it feels like sudden death

I try to give it to a friend
He throws it back at me
and than I ask the question
the cure, what can it be?

He sends me to a doctor
who sends me to a quack
He says the trouble's in my head
as I sneeze upon his back

The next day it's all over
Oh boy! I am so pleased
I sneak right through the morning shower
without a single sneeze

well now I have the sniffles
they came to me today
I hope this is a secret
until they go away

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