Thursday, May 31, 2012

It Is Finished (Poetry)

I look in the sky
And see a roaring storm
Coming towards me
Its power makes me gasp in fear
A black horse
Gallops through the dark clouds
Its eyes gleaming red
With fury
A creature rides the horse

He is demon personified
Horns protrude from his head
The smell of death seeps from him
He sneers at me
Spittle drops down on the earth
Like pouring rain
In search of destruction
I fall on to me knees
Desperate for a savior
Anxiety lingers
With my heart and my soul
Someone like a Son of Man
Races through the clouds
Riding a great white horse
His eyes light up the sky
I hear thunder
As lightening roars across the sky
And tears through the demon
And his horse
I see fire
And smell burning flesh
The earth opens up
And devours the storm in one huge bite
The Son of Man
Opens his arms wide open,
the storm disappears
And is replaced by a beautiful rainbow
I remember God
I remember my Savior
I remember the promise
Of a new day in heaven

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