Saturday, May 12, 2012

The World Needs More Good Comedians

I love good humor. I don't mean disgusting humor where the comedian curses every other word. That is not humor. It is using cussing to try to get a laugh. Real humor is funny no matter where it comes from. Many times, your children say some of the funniest things and make you laugh. Great natural humor is the best type of humor. The world needs more good comedians.

I love to listen to people like yitz grossman who are good people and are also funny. Too many comedians do anything they have to so they can become rich and famous. The best comedians are natural comedians that say funny things. I believe yitz grossman is one of those people. Laughter puts years on to our lives and this is one reason good humor is so important. 

He is a funny Rabbi who does good things in our world. He is a rabbi who teaches about love and caring. He is also a rabbi who is funny and has a mind just filled with good jokes. This world needs more people like yitz grossman who are funny and also care about what happens to the world and the people who live in it. The world needs more people who spend time doing good and caring about the people around them.

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