Friday, May 11, 2012

Dealing With Feelings

We play this game every night
You frighten me
I give in to you
You laugh at me

I toss and turn
Your darkness surrounds me
Like a blanket of anxiety
Going in for the kill

Maybe it's time to change the rules
You always have the upper hand
I am at your mercy
And I always lose

Sleep is a luxury
I cannot afford
Night time has become
The moment I dread

As soon as my head
Hits the pillow
You jump around in my thoughts
Making sport with my emotions

This has to stop
You have to quit playing with my mind
Your thoughts
Are transforming me into a living zombie

Soon, the night will be no more
I cannot go on like this
I am just one person
Trying to get some rest

Here's the deal
You let me rest
And I will spend more time
Helping you feel

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