Monday, May 14, 2012

Our Children Look Forward To New Bunk Beds

My kids are at the age where they want bunk beds. They saw them in the store and they are ready. Khloe is five and she wants pink pillow cases and sheets. Kyle is eight and he wants his sheets to be Star Wars sheets. They have no problem sleeping in the same room as long as their beds look like they want them to look.

Woodcrest Woody Creek Twin/Full Stairway Bunk with 4-Drawer Tower
Khloe is braver than her older brother and she wants to sleep in the top bunk. Kyle is fine with it because he does not like heights. They both think the bunk bed ladder is cool and fun at the same time. We looked on Bunk Beds AtoZ to get some ideas for their new bunk beds. They have all kinds of cool bunk beds to 

choose from. Here are some pictures of their favorites directly from the site.

Donco T/T Stair Step Bunk Bed in Cinnamon

Bunk beds are cool because they are both comfortable for your children and they save room. They even make some bunk beds large enough for parents to sleep in when you are in a pinch. On a recent trip to my sister's house in NY, my teenager slept in a large bunk bed and she said she had plenty of room. My sister offered to give me the bed, but we live 1300 miles apart and it just would not be worth the trip. Our plan is to buy bunk beds for our two small children sometime later this year. They are excited and can't wait until they get their new bunk beds. We are hoping to find a bunk bed that has a bunch of storage and book cases. I hope we are not asking for too much.

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