Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Making Family Memories at Football Games

I'm a sports nut and I love to take my family to football games. My son Kyle and my daughter Khloe love to go to the games with me. Khloe loves to dance like the cheerleaders and Kyle loves the action. My wife doesn't care for football, but she likes the family memories we share together at the stadium. We have gone to NFL football games, utah football and even a couple of college bowl games. This year, we may even go on a road trip to the Super Bowl in February.

Football is fun to play and it is fun to watch. I love to go out in the backyard and throw the football around with my children. My son love to make believe he is scoring the winning touchdown. My daughter stands next to him and cheers him on. We talk about the football games we have gone to and the football games we have planned for the future. We are planning to get season tickets to the USF Bulls at Raymond James Stadium. The local team plays in the same stadium as the Buccaneers and the cost is cheap.

I love to watch NFL football on television, it is a great show. My children don't like watching football on television. They love to go out to the stadium and watch the game in person. We can't go to every NFL football game, we wished we could. We choose our favorite games, save up for them and make it a family day. I believe football can help a family grow closer and give them memories they can talk about for a lifetime.

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