Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Walking Dead Season 3 Begins In October

The Walking Dead Season 3 will begin in October on AMC. This season, The Governor will be introduced on the television show. The Governor is a villain on the Walking Dead. David Morrissey has been cast to play the ultimate villain The Governor. For those of you have checked out the comic books, you know much more about The Governor than I do. 

I was turned on to The Walking Dead through the television show. The guys at work told me they read the comic books, I never heard of them. Everything that happens is a surprise to me and this is a part of the show that makes it more exciting at least for me.

"In a nutshell The Governor is the leader of a large group of survivors and in Season 3 of The Walking Dead he will bring pain and suffering to the Grimes family and Rick will regret the day that they ever crossed paths." (moviesonline.ca)

Don't forget the end of season 2 when we saw the cool zombie slayer Michionne . She will be in Season 3 and things will continue to get better and better. If you are like me, you cannot wait to see the new season of The Walking Dead. This is likely the reason I am talking about it in May when it doesn't start again until October. If you are a fine like I am you hope The Walking Dead will be around for many more seasons. Is it October yet?

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