Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Searching For Used Semi Trucks For Sale

I have been driving my entire life. I love to drive and I make my living from it. I got the fever when I was sixteen years old. I always wanted to drive everywhere we went because I enjoyed it so much. As I grew up, I wanted to drive a truck on the roads. I finally got a job as a delivery driver in Cincinnati. I was considered the rookie of the year at the place I worked. This gave me the confidence to pick up a larger job as a truck driver.

I always wanted to own my own truck and drive for myself. I am the type who does well because I work hard for what I get. I looked all over for semi trucks for sale hoping to begin my own business. Trucks are expensive, but it is worth the cost if you want to work for yourself. I never found the truck I wanted at the price I hope to pay, but I am still looking.

You have to have the fever to be a delivery driver your entire life. You have to love driving and you have to love trucks. You have to be able to give your all to the job if you want to make a living as a delivery driver. The past few years have been really tough because of the bad economy. Gas prices are high and good delivery jobs are few and far between. This is hard for those of us who love this type of living, but we go on because we have the fever.

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