Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A Trip Through Anxiety

I made it to the airport
After two hours of restless sleep
Groggy, nervous and anxious
About the trip ahead

I walked on to the plane
chills crept up my spine
I twisted in my seat
As the plane roared to life

I fell asleep
floating through restless dreams
my seat disappeared
I was falling through the air

I was falling, falling, falling
falling to my doom
Soon I would crash
and die a horrible death

I jumped from my seat
Sweat poured down my cheeks
My heart pounded
Out of my chest

I was safe
But I felt like my life was in danger
What was I going to do?
I closed my eyes and prayed

The plane landed safely
And I was happy to be alive
I raced into the airport
relief fell over me

Half of our trip was over,
But I had to step on to another plane
Anxiety took over
And froze me in place

Somebody touched my hand
and helped me to the plane
I was led to my seat
By an inner peace

The plane roared to life
Ready to take off
I sat in my seat
and said a soft prayer

I fell asleep
The dreams were frightful
I was falling through the air
Falling to my death
Falling, Falling, Falling
Falling to my death.....

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