Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Nada Moo! Free Ice-Cream Coupons Giveaway 5/17/2012

The NadaMoo Company send me free coupons for their dairy-free ice-cream. The ice-cream is made for people who cannot eat dairy. They sent them for me to try their ice-cream, but I cannot get it in my area. This gives you the opportunity to get 3 free pints of NadaMoo non-dairy ice-cream totally free. You can check and see if you can get NadaMoo ice-cream in your area. They have lots of places where you can get it, but not by my house. The ice-cream is made with all natural ingredients including coconut milk. It sounds delicious and nutritious.
Featured flavor - Vanilla...ahhh! coconut milk ice cream
NadaMoos Mission:

When Amy made the very first batch of NadaMoo! back in 2004, she knew she’d created something entirely unique. Using coconut milk and agave nectar, she produced a healthy alternative to ice cream that instantly got rave reviews. (When one of our original fans had her first taste, she exclaimed: “I’ve been waiting 16 years for ice cream I could eat. Dreams do come true!”) Amy’s creation also got the attention of very important people. A few short months after making the first batch, Whole Foods Market asked Amy to “Put this into pints so we can sell it in our stores.” (We are not making this up.)

Upon hearing those words, Amy saw a larger purpose and founded our company with a mission to make the world happier and healthier, one scoop at a time. And in the years since, as we continue to build and grow our company, we have never lost sight of why we are here and what kind of business we aim to be.

Our mission is “Do good. Have fun. Be profitable.” Here’s what that means to us: 
You won’t see many ads for NadaMoo!, and that’s because we believe those dollars are better spent making a direct difference in our neighbors’ lives. We’d rather focus our time and effort supporting local charities and organizations, both at home in Austin and wherever else we put our roots down. When it comes to making NadaMoo! we choose Organic, Kosher, Fair Trade Certified and gluten-free ingredients because we support having a fair, sustainable and contaminant-free food chain. You can rely on us to work with manufacturers and suppliers who share our commitment to quality and equality. We pay attention so our customers can just enjoy!
We believe work should be about more than generating profit—it should be fun. We encourage the creative and heart-felt contributions of everyone we work with, and we especially enjoy sharing NadaMoo! and good times with our customers. (There must be a connection between happy people and healthy food!)
By operating in a financially responsible way we reward and create opportunities for our employees and we are able to do more in our communities. Profitability benefits everyone.

Featured flavor - Vanilla...ahhh! coconut milk ice cream
The giveaway is for three pints coupons for NadaMoo! dairy-free ice-cream

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