Monday, May 14, 2012

Family Picture From The Past

I'm guessing this picture is about twenty years old. Up in front is my nephew Josh-He was a little boy in the pic, but he graduated from West Point, was a general's aide in Afghanistan and is now medically retired from the service at the age of 25. He is expecting a child with his wife in August, this is their first child.

Above him is his father and my brother Charles. Sadly, he did not get enough of the good looks of the family, he lives in Upstate NY near Albany, watch out if you visit, he is still a smart aleck.

The little boy in the middle is Christopher, he is an Eagle Scout. His mother is in the picture above him. Her name is Charlottee and she is my youngest sister. Charlottee lives in Syracuse where she stays just far enough away from the family to make her comfortable.

I am the dude with the mustache. I used to sport one when I was younger and dumber. Now I am a married man with three beautiful children, I was the only smart child who moved out of NY and to Florida. I love the warm weather.

The lady next to me is my older sister Ellen. She is a mother and grandmother. Yes, she is old and she knows it. She takes care of her family and her three year old grandchild Lilliana while her daughter goes to college to become a nurse. Ellen is still stuck in the cold weather of Pulaski, NY. Yes, that is the place where all of the Salmon fishermen come to visit and drive the town crazy while they try to empty the Salmon River of all its Salmon.

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