Thursday, June 13, 2013

Boston Lobster Feast Orlando Review

We went to Orlando last weekend, it's only sixty miles away. My wife wanted to eat at a lobster feast and she paid the bill. My children weren't too interested in the buffet, but I was. My son ate some of the food off of the bar, my daughter ordered a chicken fingers deal. Boston Lobster Feast is all you can eat lobster and crab legs, with a food bar filled with other stuff.

I stuck to the lobsters, crab legs and coconut shrimp. I also had one piece of prime rib, but it was delicious. I ate three lobsters, my wife ate five. I also ate 4-5 pounds of crab legs. I had my fill of seafood for one night. My wife tried a bunch of other things off the bar. They had chicken, mussels, clams, oysters, etc. I did notice that the food that was not eaten often on the bar looked old. The food that people ate the most was constantly changed and fresh.

The food was good and the service was excellent. Our waitress showed us how to get to the meat of the lobster. When you walked up to the bar, the cook made sure he gave you lobster immediately. I ate all of my food and had no problems with old or distasteful food. I would say the food bar was not set up for children. They had chicken, mashed potatoes and corn for children. The rest of the food was not interesting to kids. My son ate his fill, had some of the crab legs and went to the desert.

The manager came to our table three times to see how we were doing. He did the same with each table in Boston Lobster Feast. The waitress kept our drinks filled and our table cleaned. She also brought us plenty of napkins and was very friendly.

The lobsters were always hot and fresh. Most were females, so you had to clean the eggs of the meat to eat it. You could request a male lobster, but the males were always half the size of the females. If you go to a lobster feast, you have to understand this fact. The one thing that bothered me was the smell. Once you opened the lobster, you got that big fishy smell. Again, part of a lobster feast you have to expect.

If you go to Boston Lobster Feast, expect to pay 37-40 bucks for adults. 37 between 4-6, 40 plus after 6PM. Expect your dinner to be messy. I went to the bathroom and washed my hands three of four times through the meal. If you are not prepared for this type of buffet, you may leave unhappy. This is not a premium restaurant where they clean the lobsters for you. The buffet is 10 bucks for kids without lobster or 15.95 with lobster. They do have kids meals and I encourage you to talk your child into one.

We left the Boston Lobster Feast filled and happy. My wife had been wanting to go for months and she loved every minute. My children could care less if they go back or not because of the lack of children food on the buffet. They enjoyed what they ate, but it was not enough on the kid side. If you are in Orlando, check this buffet out. If you love lobster and crab legs, the place is great. If you expect a regular dinner, you won't get it here. This is a lobster buffet that takes some work from you, it's part of the fun in this adventure.

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