Thursday, June 27, 2013

Three Signs It’s Time to Go See Your Pet Vet

Pets have a way of opening hearts and becoming a part of the family in such a way that if anything were to happen to them, it’s just as though there were a death of a relative. That’s why it’s important to take good care of them, both preventatively as well as in the case of an emergency. Since animals can’t communicate to us in words, it’s important to pay attention to their behaviors so you’ll know when to take them to your local pet vet in Houston. Read on to learn some of the signs it’s time to take them to the vet.

Extreme Lethargy

Most pets sleep for a great deal of time throughout the day. This is relatively normal. There are signs, though, that your pet is more lethargic than it should be. For instance, if you try to engage your pet in play, and he or she is not interested, that is a bad sign. Also, if your pet is unable to move if it wants to, that’s another issue that should raise concern. Pets should act and react to playful behavior, which means they should see the vet if they are not moving as much as normal.

Any Trauma

Pets have an amazing ability to cope with pain. It does not compare whatsoever with the abilities of human beings. So when something painful happens to them, either in the way of an accident or simply old age, it may not appear as painful as it really is. For instance, if your pet sustained a big fall, don’t assume they are fine simply because they can walk away from it. The vet should inspect any trauma.

Toxin Ingestion

This one really should go without saying. After all, toxins are toxins. If your pet gets into the cleaners by mistake or finds a can of paint and ends up licking it up, you’ve got a serious problem on your hands. Often, toxins don’t appear to be causing a problem right away. It’s important not to write it off simply because you don’t see any adverse reactions right away. It’s always better to go to your local pet vet in Houston to make certain that your pet will be OK.

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